Why was Michael Phelps in London during the closing ceremonies?

shouldn't he have stayed in China til the end? Theyre showing him being interviewed in London during daytime as the ceremonies are taking place.
Update: Yeah, it didn't make sense that that UK soccer player (the spice girl's husband, forgot his name) what's his name was in China and Phelps was in London....one of 08's biggest athlete in London - not right :)
Update 2: They showed all the American athletes during the closing ceremonies and he certainly would've been shown too if he was there, but instead they cut to London for what looked like a LIVE cut, with the whole red white blue jets flying and all with Phelps there. So he was not at the closing ceremonies!
Update 3: to Zactooh I had to laugh when I read ur answer that England has better human rights - which country is it again that colonizes the globe - India and Africa to name a few continents it has looted and taken over. Oh yeah it even tried to colonize the US.
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