Math Autobiography Help!?

I have this assignment and i don't really no where to start, it would be great if someone can give me an example and help, thank you!

"Write an autobiographical sketch of yourself as a math student. Include your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes. What do you remember about your success or failures? You should discuss the experiences you have had in mathematics that have shaped your feelings about the subject. Include any other information that you beleive reflects your attitudes towards mathematics."


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    Start out with a general statement that sums up how good you are at math. Maybe, "I've always been a math whiz. I love everything about it." Or, "Math has always been tough for me. I've had to work hard to make my grades."

    Then explain and give examples of how you've handled math in the past. What did you find easy? What kinds of questions are most difficult for you? If math wasn't required, would you take the class anyway? What teachers have helped you succeed (or fail) and how? What did they do?

    Pretend you're describing your math skills to a friend. Sometimes that helps, too.

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    Math Autobiography

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    My poor son had to do a similar project in fifth or sixth grade and then again in middle school. Depending on how long your sketch has to be, just think about your personal history in math. For example, either at home or in preschool you probably learned to count. Once you got into kindergarten, you probably learned some basic addition. Then in first grade, more addition, and basic subtraction, etc. Then just go on from there--fractions, multiplication, division, algebra, etc. If you had any struggles, mention them and if that struggle soured you on math or if once you finally understood did it give you a feeling of satisfaction? If a parent, grandparent, older sibling, etc. either loves or hates math, you might mention how that impacted your love or hate of math.

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    Write about what you learned over the years and certainly give examples. This will show that you indeed learned the material and fill up the space.

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