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What do people think of Thomas Sowell and his many years of books and writings? and his thoughts on Obama?

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    He is an absolute genius of our day, and shatters the modern day perception that all republicans are white rich men.

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    those are the worst reasons I've ever seen... let's examine his "well rounded logic"

    his NO. 1 REASON is "special interests" which he says because he's from Chicago, he must be corrupt?

    that's his "big reason"... "because he's from Chicago"...

    no matter that McCain gets more special interest money in his current campaign... or that he was part in a HUGE scandal of special interest in the 80s?

    ignore the facts and take circumstantial evidence... yeah... smart... it's like saying everyone from California is gay, that's why I didn't vote for Reagan...

    then he goes on a tirade about Rev. Wright, only to conclude that he doesn't care about that? so, his big No. 2 point is one he doesn't even care about?

    so, after that, I just decided to save my time and stop reading, since he clearly didn't have a clue why he wanted to vote for McCain and didn't like Obama...

    just like everyone else voting for McCain and having no clue why...

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    1 decade ago

    I appreciate the fact that his views and ideas are well thought out - the basis is grounded in logic.

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    1 decade ago

    He has always been a this isn't a big shock.

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