purchased some land in SW Minnesota. The huge barn that is put togethere with Round dowels square pegs,info?

again no nails/screws were used.. only dowels and pegs... Where can I search for information about old barns before I burn it down??


OK, if I don't burn it down, where would I go or who would I call to see if they were intersted in it?? It is huge and I really don't want to deal with it.. Any and I mean any information would be greatly appreciated as I went to the city/county and they can only tell me that it was built in the late 1800's and it is still standing strong, even on the rocks that it was built on!!

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    Sounds like mortise and tenon...do a bit of research on this type of construction technique on-line.

    This nail-free technique of building is usually completed by someone very skilled. It is rarely seen nowadays, except with true aficionados, and costs a pretty penny.

    I would restore/keep it if at all possible! Sounds like a little gem.

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    Burn it down? That's a shame. Wooden pegs were very common in barn construction 100+ years ago. Some Amish still use them. Very good construction, very stable and sturdy. You may have a structure that could be put on the National Register. Barns are becoming a thing of the past that the Smithsonian in recent years deconstructed a barn and reconstructed it in one of its museums. You may find this link helpful.


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    Do not burn it down, there is money there. If it is big enough and the right wood someone will buy it. If i lived closer to you, I would take it down and sell the wood. If you want to list go to www.barnpages.com. I do this for a living.

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    go to the city and see what history you can find.

    also, dont burn down a barn in Minnesota! thats like sac religious! restore it, it will increase your property value.

    Source(s): born and raised minnesota girl!
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    I believe that would be timber framing and you may want to sell the wood, it's age and or type may be of greater value than you think.

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    It was probably built by the Quakers or the Amish.

    Because they don't use modern tools. <}:-})

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