Does anyone know anything about Wicca? I am a Christian who has recently realized that a friend is ?

involved in this.

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    Yes, I was a solitary Wiccan when I was a teenager. You might want to have him look at this website:

    Usually this one nips it in the bud for anyone who's curious about any kind of occultism

    Wicca was created in 1950 by Gerald Gardner. The original premise was that he had been initiated into a Stone Age Pagan cult that had gone underground. After books began to be published that proved Wicca was a modern invention, Wiccans began call it a "reconstruction". The Wicca today most Wiccans practice is usually much tamer than the original Gardnerian Wicca.

    Even though many Wiccans call themselves "witches", they're not the same things as Satanists. Remember not to be afraid of him. He doesn't have any kind of powers and he's not into human sacrifice.

    The important thing to remember is be his friend. Chances are something's happened to him to make him question the Christian faith and he's looking for something. Let your light shine so he can see his way back.

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    1 decade ago

    There is an easy way to figure out what your friend believes and such.

    Ask your friend.

    Wicca is an unorganized religion, so that while there are some things that are the same among most Wiccans, there are enough differences that what you might read online may not be what your friend believes. The best way to find out exactly what they believe is to simply ask them. If they're your friend, they will be willing to explain.

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    Oh there is much to hear about.

    First off, we don't believe in the Devil, or Satan. They are Christian concepts, not Pagan or Wiccan.

    So what do we believe in? We worship a Goddess and a God, they have many different names, but in essence are one and the same. Instead of the 10 commandments, we have the Wiccan Rede which is "An it harm none, do as ye will". In other words, as long as your actions don't harm or interfere with the free will of others, your ok.

    Some practice magick (spelled with a k to differentiate it from stage magic or illusion), and some don't. We don't run around sacrificing animals, or children. We have respect for life and nature. Also we're not running around having orgies, sorry to disappoint.

    I could go on, but the link below helps explain a lot

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    Wicca is a relatively new "pagan" religion. It's about nature and magic, but it's not dark and satanic as most people would let you believe. It's different than Christianity, yes, but we can't all believe in the same things.

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    Narrow down the question a bit. Because I'm sure there are a lot of people who know a lot about Wicca. They just don't know how to begin. Start with a few specific questions.

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    Wicca is a religion.

    Read the FAQ

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    Ask your friend what s/he believes. My understanding of Wicca is that it is a non-proselytizing, peaceful religion, so you should be able to have a conversation without fear of him/her trying to convert you. Open dialogue is our friend!

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    involved in this?

    you make it sound like a bad thing lol

    ...its a pagan religion

    not the work of a christian devil

    dont worry about him or her

    and dont go and try to convert them.

    just live

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    You say "involved in this" like it's somehow less valid than what you're involved in.

    Wicca is a non-Christian religion.

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