Is a BS in electrical engineering good enough for being an electronics engineer?

I'm not that interested in bigger electrical designs.. I want to start a career in electronic engineering, designing, testing, whatever.. everyday circuit boards or telecom. Would a BS in electrical engineering with a focus in electronics be good enough? and wouldn't I have more job options with a BS in electrical engineering, or would I lose some job opportunities in the electronics field? I'm kind of young and married, so I need a career that will be stable, decent pay and enjoyable for me.


Thanks, but I want to know about the degree itself.. I'm strictly interested in electronics, not so much electrical.. Is an "Electrical Engingeering" degree with focus on electronics good enough to have a good Electronic Engineering career or would it be necessary for me to get an "Electronics Engineering" degree. Thanks again

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    I disagree with Gary. The field is wide open, and some of those with the higher degrees might lose out because of those higher degrees. Government service is a good way to go. Working for a government contractor is an idea, but also very competitive, and political. Private industry, other areas of the government, such as the BLM, FBI, CIA, or Homeland security would love to have you. Government service is pretty secure, but you still have to be a producer, and not a barnacle. The energy producers, private, DOE, or contractors for the government would love to have you as well. Ther FAA could use you, but I would make them a last resort.

    By all means, further your education, that is a smart move, but your current degree is not as "soft" as Gary makes it sound. Security for retirement, however, is something that you will have to do for yourself. While government service does have programs, you still should consider self investment. USAJOBS is a good place to go job hunting. CPOL, which is the Army civilian jobs portal is another place to go looking. If government anything is not your bag, Monster Jobs is a good site to post in as well.

    A job being enjoyable is, to a degree, what you make it. Listen to the other people. To them, you are new, and know nothing. Listen, learn, and be quiet, even if you know something is wrong in the presence of fellow workers. Be VERY sure, if you think something is wrong, that it truly is before going to the boss with it. Keep good notes, and an explanation of why. Beyond that, you should have a good career, but do be prepared to move because upward mobility in a chosen career may require it. A lot of engineers move a lot in their careers. Listen to the common workers, they might have insight to an issue that you have not considered.

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    Do you want to be a Professional Engineer or a Professional Student? You will need to draw a line somewhere, leave the ivory tower (unless you want to work in academia as a professor), and get a job. Don't make your educational foundation too big; you might become overqualified and unhirable.

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    A BS is "good enough". You will find a job.

    BUT . . . you're going to have a harder time, because you're going to be competing agaisnt all those people who went the full nine yars and got MS's , EE's and PH.D's.

    So WHEN you get your job, put some time into continuing studies using night courses and on-line studies. Better yet, see if your employer has Continuing Education benefits, and let HIM pay for it!

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