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Character Name help?

Character 1: (17) Long Auburn Hair with Brunette highlights. About 5’4 if not Taller. Small Hazel Green eyes. She lives with her Father, her mother is Unknown. Has the highest GPA in her Grade. Belly Button Ring. Fave Color is Orange.

Character 2: (18) Shaggy Brunette hair. About 6’2. Large Blue eyes that shifted from blue to Green periodically. Lives with Both Parents. Parents are Rich, But don’t Acknowledge it. Fave Color is Black.

There are more, but I'm not sure about them yet.

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    Character One:

    Summer~ Ellis~ Rose~ Dahlia~ Sasha~ Tianna~ Jody~ Quinn~ Leila~ Hayden~ Delaney~ Ashton~ Ella~ Reese~ Olivia~ Adele~ Natasha~ Jasmine~ Tessa~ Lacey~ Paxton~ Madeline~ Zoey~ Willow~ Freya~ Pacey~ Jameson~ Chandler~ Lena~ Jessie~ Eva~ Addison~ Isabelle~ Delilah~ Cassidy

    Character Two:

    Catherine~ Langston~ Zinnia~ Maximilliana (Maxie)~ Jude~ Keesha~ Lydia~ Holly~ Felicity~ Laura~ Jade~ Lindsay~ Darcey~ Brittany~ Venlo~ Amber~ Evanna~ Isla~ Piper~ Casey~ Robin~ Faith~ Blake~ Vanessa~ Annika~ Sage~ Alyssa~ Noelle~ Maeve~ Gianna~ Lorelei~ Emma~ Yasmine~ Harley~ Stella


    Marshall~ Frost~ Grey~ Shire~ Adlow~ Norman~ Levan~ Archer~ Townsend~ Alcott~ Wynters~ Eckhart~ Jasper~ McBrian~ Owens~ Lake~ Kennedy~ Manning~ Talbot~ Van Wyck~ Roscoe~ Zane~ Trevor~ Montgomery~ Grace~ Foster~ Lord~ Abbott~ Irwin~ Lawrence~ Preston~ Ashford~ Kovac~ West~ Garrett~ Chant~ Hunter~ Lang~ Bass~ Stanley~ Black~ James~ Prescott~ King~ Grant~ Ainsworth~ Stevens~ Brown~ Monroe~ Hale~ Taylor~ Albert~ Sharpe~ Camden~ Wheeler~ Hewett~ Marsden~ Acker~ Barber~ Douglas~ Norwood~ Cheney~ Daly~ Laythen~ Roland~ Floyd~ Hartman~ Orwin~ Lucas~ McDaniel

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    How about Ginger? Or Brandy?

    If you wanted a more real-sounding name, try Ella, Vanessa, or Polly. She sounds bright and sparky, so a vivacious name would go well. Even Sabrina is a nice name.

    2. Ebony, Briar, Cyanne, Cleo. These all seem good for the character.

    Source(s): Imagination, I guess :)
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    I like how you think Hayden. Your right, its absolutely a tick off when you see these questions posted anywhere on the enternet "I need a name" or "Whats a good name for...". When I brainstormed my book the names came naturally to me. I would choose a name from a favorite book , and choose from another to make an entirely original name (Like "Josseir". I got "Joss" from Gaurdians of Ga'hoole, and mixed it with a name from Prosperoe's Children. Most young writers today spend hours trying to find the perfect name, and half of them know that all they're doing is destracting themselfs from writing. Its rubbish! Almost all young writers have no clue how to even publish a book (I myself spent an entire summer writing details down, asking famouse writers how they did it. and I am a young writer) They dont know how to start or where it ends.

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    Uhm..... what about Audrey or Alyssa for the first one and then Danny or Mitchell for the second one?

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    hazel? or Rowan???

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