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Is it true only female marijuana plants get you high?

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    the stupidity of the people on this answer shocks me. OF COURSE plants have gender. its frightening to see how dumb America is becoming.

    while both male and female plants produce thc, the highest concentration of thc occurs in female buds, so it could be said that only females get you high. however, thc occurs naturally on the stalks and on the leaves, the trichomes are there, just in very low quantity. hashish can be obtained from the entire plant, its just that you might get a very low yield.

    so, roughly, yes, only females will get you high.


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    The female plant produce the buds that most people are familiar with. Male plants produce little pods that shoot out pollen. The only thing on the male plant that can be consumed would be the leaves. There are very small amounts of thc in the males but not enough to make it worth while.

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    Plants That Get You High

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    Yes, it's only the female plants that have enought THC to have any effect. The THC is highly expressed in the buds.

    Growing operations generally cull out male plants once their sex has been determined as only the females have economic value. Some males are retained for breeding.

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    some people are really ****** dumb sayin "plants dont have a gender" but to answer your question male plants dont produce as much bud or thc so bud from a male plant can get you high just not as high as bud from a female plant would.

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    Yes, only the female plants have enough THC to get you high.

    Strangely, the male plants, commonly known as hemp, are illegal as well.

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    I'm not sure what triggers the production of THC, but you are absolutely correct that only unfertilized females produce a high level of THC.

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    I agree, Plants do not have gender. It might be that only a plant after a certain age or maturity can or cant get you high.

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    drugs are drugs..and i don't think plants have gender

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