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Any Ideas on how can I avoid being called fat and having my stomach rubbed by customers while at work?

I work at a chocolate store and I'm 7 months pregnant. My stomach is really round, but I haven't really gained any weight anywhere else. I've had several customers call me fat or imply that I'm fat, and countless others rub my stomach without asking. This is really taking a toll on my self-esteem, and hurting my work performance as well. I don't feel like I can really say anything because I'm on company time, and so the company can be held responsible for anything I say. Does anyone have any ideas of things I can say without coming across as being rude? Or ways to avoid being called fat and being rubbed in the first place? Or am I just being over-sensitive because of hormones?

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    First off, anyone who calls you fat is a horrible, ignorant sort of person whose opinion you should ignore. What kind of rude loudmouth would do that? A jerk. I don't know if you have co-workers at the same time but I would refuse to serve someone like that and give it to someone else. If I were the manager I'd refuse to sell them anything at all. But I realize you probably don't have that luxury - consider the source, know that it must be a horrible, bitter person who would do that and don't let them get under your skin.

    It might help if you wore really obvious maternity shirts - the kind that is fitted around the boobs so that you can clearly see it is a pregnant tummy. Avoid big bulky tops that are more comfortable but that would give the wrong impression.

    As for being rubbed, I hear you. What is wrong with people? I get it too but at least it's not at work. I have seen pregnancy t-shirts that say "hands off the tummy" and things like that. You might try that. Otherwise, I'd say something like "Please don't do that, my stomach is sensitive and it hurts to be touched."

    I don't think you're being over-sensitive. Getting pregnant didn't make me more of a touchy-feeling person and I can't stand it when people do that to me.

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    Are you working behind a counter most of the time? Do you wear a name tag?

    If so, I would put a chocolate rattle or baby bottle or something that says "baby" on it right next to your usual work station. If your employer will allow it, I would add a little sign that says "___ Chocolates eagerly awaiting NAME's baby in only three months!!"

    When you are out from behind the counter, I would stand with one hand on your back and the other squarely on your stomach. Having your hand "running interference" will usually keep others away as they have to bat your hand to get at the tummy. I would always keep a hand on your stomach and use the other to motion, get merchandise, etc. If you must use two hands, I would "belly up" to the counter, shelf, etc. or simply turn away from the customer while saying "Excuse me. Need more room for this big pregnant belly" and then replace your hand when handing them their product.

  • NO! It is your stomach for you and your signifigant other to rub, and no one else, uninvited.

    I think it is perfectly OK, to let them know you ARE NOT comfortable with them touching you, uninvited. You may be on company time...but you are a person, not a machine, therefore, If your higher ups have a problem with you asking someone, politely, of course, to PLEASE not touch you....Then I think you may have a lawsuit there..=)

    as far as them alling you fat? Can you wear your ownclothes? because spencers sells a shirt that says "I'm not fat, Im pregnant".

    If you cant...Just start crying, like LOUDLY, and then apologize and tell them, your sorry, your hormones are just off because your pregnant, and so many people keep implying that you are gaining weight, and its taking a toll on your nerves...

    If nothing else...

    Man it will embarres the CRAP out of them, right? hehehe

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    I guess you can't really control what other people say about you or to you. But I would just ignore those rude comments. It's hard, I know. I've had really rude things said to me too such as "Are you having twins?", "Where you due YESTERDAY?". Just smile and ignore them. It's not worth it to get upset over stupid ignorant idiots. :) Have you tried talking to you manager about how this is making you feel?

    However, you can be assertive and say something like "I'm sure it's tempting to rub my belly, but I would appreciate if you didn't." I swear, people are retarded - thinking that just because you are pregnant they can all of a sudden touch you without asking. Luckily, I haven't had many people try to do that.

    And no, you are not being over-sensitive! :) Just keep your head up.

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  • Jessla
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    Umm..yeah. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I get called fat by idiotic strangers on almost a daily basis. I just look at them and let out a fake little laugh and say, thanks! When they tell you are fat, you could ask them how much more chocolate they need. As far as people touching you..I would just move away when they reach out to touch you. I know people want to "be a part of a miracle" and all that crap, but back off *****, this is my miracle. Soon enough it will all be over with and you will be trying to stop strangers from touching your baby. Anyway, I know I probably wasn't much help, but atleast it is almost over. Congrats on your new addition. :)

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    First of all if you are pregnant you are fat. But that is the baby. As for people calling you fat, is so insensitive, and rude. It sounds corny, but calmly saying that was not nice to say, you hurt my feelings, should put people in their place, and the word will get around that it is not something you want to hear. As for some one coming up to you and touching you, without your permission, that's assault. As a woman, you can do what I as a man can not do, but should work. Anyone who touches your belly just turn them around and rub their butt. And say wow, that's big too. If they do not get the hint, out of embarrassment, then start at the knee, and move up ward. They should stop up before you get to high. When they do, just say I am sorry, I thought since you touched me without my permission it was ok to touch you. That should wake them up. and anyone around them.

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    You are not over-sensitive. I don't know why some people think that just because you are pregnant, they have the right to touch you without your consent! Because you are at work, you have to be polite, but firm. Be nice about it, but tell them to stop. You have to carry yourself as a professional, but you do not have to be a door mat, and no one has a right to touch you or insult you! They are the same people who insist on touching your newborn's face and hands without even asking, I can't tell you how many I have offended. Only a little while left, keep your head up!

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    I think that Clueless has the best answer here. You can be polite but still stick up for yourself. Hormones probably make it more irritating but that's never alright. I just wanted to say congrats and good luck!

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    awww hun f***k them people do you know what i would do get a badge saying yes im pregnant not fat and wear that to work lol jokin aside just think u know that your pregnant and not fat and you only have 2months to go aint that long then hit that gym and be a great mum i wish u all the best just dont let people get u down hun hugz x x

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    Rubbing of the belly is good for the baby.

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