List of character names please?

I'm writing 2 storys with these people. characters 1-3 are set in present time, characters 4-6 are set in 1670's or 1890's. here are some descriptions of them so that you have something to go off of:

CHARACTER 1: bellybutton length midnight black hair in loose ringlets, dark blue eyes, red lips, really pale skin, 5'9, really thin and willowy, very beautiful, appears shy but is actually outgoing and funny, straight A student, an artist/photographer (can't decide yet), looks for the best in people, in love with character number 3, a dreamer, loves to read, best friend of character 2 [female, 17]

CHARACTER 2: stick straight honey blonde hair, brown eyes, curvy, extremely outgoing, really pretty, most popular in school, homecoming queen/prom queen, dramatic, craves attention, loves fashion, can get kind of mean, best friend of character 1 [female, 17]

CHARACTER 3: dark green eyes, shaggy brown hair, 6'0, killer smile, very attractive and handsome, easygoing, hilarious, "deep", loves character 1 [male, 19]

CHARACTER 4: long blonde hair with loose ringlets, dark green eyes with bronze hilights, full slightly red lips, compassionate, short (5'4), thin, willowy, tiny/petite, has gone through a lot in her life (lost both her parents and part of her memory), very outgoing, unique, gorgeous, fun, not like other girls [female, 16]

CHARACTER 5: chest length wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes, average height (5'6), really pretty, loves clothes and boys, shy around people, very nice, caring, loving, sweet, cute, adorable. [female, 15]

CARACTER 6: deep blue eyes, shaggy brown hair, tall (5'9), broad shoulders, very attractive, really smart, known for being a player, funny, cool, a "dream guy" [male, 17 or 18]

thanks everyone!!! just please list as many names as you can!! =D

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    Character One:

    Summer~ Ellis~ Rose~ Dahlia~ Sasha~ Tianna~ Jody~ Quinn~ Leila~ Hayden~ Delaney~ Ashton~ Ella~ Reese~ Olivia~ Adele~ Natasha~ Jasmine~ Tessa~ Lacey~ Paxton~ Madeline~ Zoey~ Willow~ Freya~ Pacey~ Jameson~ Chandler~ Lena~ Jessie~ Eva~ Addison~ Isabelle~ Delilah~ Cassidy

    Character Two:

    Catherine~ Langston~ Zinnia~ Maximilliana (Maxie)~ Jude~ Keesha~ Lydia~ Holly~ Felicity~ Laura~ Jade~ Lindsay~ Darcey~ Brittany~ Venlo~ Amber~ Evanna~ Isla~ Piper~ Casey~ Robin~ Faith~ Blake~ Vanessa~ Annika~ Sage~ Alyssa~ Noelle~ Maeve~ Gianna~ Lorelei~ Emma~ Yasmine~ Harley~ Stella

    Character Three:

    Bryce~ Mason~ Cole~ Evan~ Thomas~ Hunter~ Devin~ Chett~ Braden~ David~ Mitchell~ Nicholas~ Logan~ Asher~ Marcus~ Zachary~ Quinn~ Ian~ Lance~ Wyatt~ Porter~ Vincent~ Noah~ Justin~ Tyson~ Jacob~ Benjamin~ Aidan~ Christopher~ Greyson~ Harris~ Owen~ Patrick~ Zane~ Ryland

    Character Four:

    Shauna~ Grace~ Abigail~ Brenna~ Tate~ Hailey~ Emily~ Avani~ Emerson~ Anna~ Claudia~ Larissa~ Kaitlyn~ Blaire~ Natalia~ Kessa~ Lily~ Skylar~ Jace~ Leslie~ Alexis~ Leah~ Sophia~ Madison~ Gemma~ Sienna~ Aubrey~ Naomi~ Hazel~ Jennifer~ Devonny~ Molly~ Carlyle (Carly)~ Elizabeth~ Kelley

    Character Five:

    Cecelia~ Dawn~ Juliana~ Lila~ Tara~ Samantha~ Leona~ Pearl~ Ruth~ Viola~ Charlotte~ Amelia~ Madeleine~ Cordelia~ Heidi~ Augusta~ Clarissa~ Elsa~ Jillian~ Octavia~ Celeste~ Irma~ Esmé~ Delia~ Iris~ Cynthia~ Phillippa~ Annabelle~ Daphne~ Corinne~ Nadine~ Opal~ Matilda~ Penelope~ Jocelyn

    Character Six:

    Adam~ Maxwell~ Gideon~ Charles~ Luther~ Daniel~ Rupert~ Cedric~ Darius~ Elliott~ Clifford~ Nathaniel~ Julian~ Laurence~ Theodore~ Warren~ Leo~ Evander~ Stuart~ Rhys~ Cohen~ George~ William~ Damien~ Rueben~ Fabian~ Jarvis~ Bryan~ Callum~ Josiah~ Isaac~ Gabriel~ Wade~ Robert~ Samuel


    Marshall~ Frost~ Grey~ Shire~ Adlow~ Norman~ Levan~ Archer~ Townsend~ Alcott~ Wynters~ Eckhart~ Jasper~ McBrian~ Owens~ Lake~ Kennedy~ Manning~ Talbot~ Van Wyck~ Roscoe~ Zane~ Trevor~ Montgomery~ Grace~ Foster~ Lord~ Abbott~ Irwin~ Lawrence~ Preston~ Ashford~ Kovac~ West~ Garrett~ Chant~ Hunter~ Lang~ Bass~ Stanley~ Black~ James~ Prescott~ King~ Grant~ Ainsworth~ Stevens~ Brown~ Monroe~ Hale~ Taylor~ Albert~ Sharpe~ Camden~ Wheeler~ Hewett~ Marsden~ Acker~ Barber~ Douglas~ Norwood~ Cheney~ Daly~ Laythen~ Roland~ Floyd~ Hartman~ Orwin~ Lucas~ McDaniel~ Lovett~ Greene~ Devereaux~ Knight~ Neville~ Traille~ Smythe~ Geller~ Baker~ Lind~ Boss~ Payne~ Jacks~ Kenneth~ Clare~ Warren~ Lynch~ Madden~ Watters~ Bell~ Wolf~ Lock~ Fleming~ Barton~ Moore~ Rhosen~ Fisher~ Allister~ O'Neill~ Bailey~ Corebett~ Faraday~ Dawson~ Wright~Crane~ Daniels~ Nott~ Cash~ Fox~ Long~ Hart~ Williamson~ Ross~ Murphy~ Chase~ Parks~ Hollingsworth~ Fletcher~ Thomas~ Novak~ Truman~ Duprée~ Wylde~ Adler~ Quarry~ Morgan~ Reid~ Hall~ Vernon~ McCall~ Cross~ Arrow~ Lane~ Griffin~ Ramsey~ Samson~ Little~ DeVane~ Scorpio

    Hope this helps!

    If you use any of mine, would you mind telling me which?

    Good luck!


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    Girly and feminine; Anastasia, Genevieve and Lila. Masculine and strong; Brock, Tristan and Thor. Old-fashioned; Matilda, Tabitha and Genevieve. Vincent, Victor and Tobias. Should make a comeback; Arabella, Alice and Ivy. Rupert, Barney and Rufus. G/G sibsets; Lila Ruby and Amelie Indigo. Cassia Belle and Isabelle Azure. Autumn Sienna and Ivy Anastasia. B/B sibsets; Tristan Jake and Finlay Thor. Tobias Flynn and Asher Drew. Oscar Finch and Mason Luca. G/B sibsets; Lila Ruby and Finlay Thor. Arabella Winter and Tobias Flynn. Isabelle Azure and Theo Caspian. :]

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    Character 1 - Tanya, Abigail, Elani :)

    Character 2 - Lana, Blaire, Serena

    Character 3 - Josh, Daniel, Travis

    Character 4 - Lauren, Megan, Chloe

    Character 5 - Jenny, Maria, Heather

    Character 6 - Max, Michael, Ian

    umm... that are just some random names I remembered first while reading character description

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    Character 1 = Kimberly

    Character 2 = Aubrey

    Character 3 = Seth

    Character 4 = Eisley (eyez-lee)

    Character 5 = Margaret

    Character 6 = Lucas

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    1) Lexi or Mia or Lena or Aleena Maram

    2) Melinda/Melina Sabrina Emma Britney Kaitie Mandy

    3) Anthony Tyler Austin Drew

    4) Claire Lynn Ali {short for alison} Aurora Eva

    5) Aisha Savaanah Anita Charlotte Emily

    6) Liam or Drew or Danny Sameer Rehan

    Monique Catty Samina lamina { or nina } Cadira Lita Nida Fariha Mediha Neily Keely Laila Navaira Avi

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    Character 1--------- Lexus

    Character 2---------Cheyanne

    Character 3--------- Dylan

    Character 4---------- Helena

    Character 5----------- Joanna

    Character 6-----------Philip

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    1~ Kelsey/Courtney






    Ucan switch them up if u want!!! U dont hav to use any of them those r just my friends names and they fit their personalities.... one of them is my name!!! lol. Good Luck!!!

    Source(s): Me, Myself, and I.........haha
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    1. should be ava

    2. should be mallory

    3. should be brandon or jason

    4. should be alyssa

    5. should be bree

    6. should be micah or grey

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