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New computer..need help?

Computer Specs

Raidmax Sagitta Case

Motherboard: MSI P6NGM-FIH (check it out at

Intel Quad core Q6600 and its Intel heatsink

One CD/DVD drive by LG

500 GB Seagate Cavialar (or something like that)

RAM Kingston DDR2 800mhz 2 GB

The motherboard is a micro atx however i will get an atx power supply.

Will the power supply unit be compatible?

What is the size of an atx pwer supply?

Thank you for your help

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    ATX just means the size of the mobo and case the mobo being a micro atx means it will fit a smaller case if needed. It will also fit in a regular size desktop or server case. The power supplies these days are always compatible with all mobos. Just make sure you have PCI-e power cable and sata power cabling it you buy a PSU without then get a PCI-e video card you wil lnot be able to run it. Or any sata (hdds or dvd drives) without them..I would look into getting atleast a 600w-800w PSU. Thanks

    Source(s): 20yrs computer building and networking
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    In case the 20yr builder / networker was a little confusing:

    Get an average-sized power supply, no bigger than the components need. The Quad-core processors like a little more watts than dual cores, and especially if you overclock at all.

    I recommend a 550w-800w PSU from either Seasonic, Antec, Thermaltake, or Corsair. Don't get a low-end PSU though, it will come back to bite you down the road.

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