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Rank the following part-time wicket keepers in ascending order of keeping ability?

Lou Vincent, Mathew Sinclair (kept wickets in a Sharjah tournament once), Jimmy Maher, Andrew Hall, Marcus Trescothick, Rahul Dravid, Aamir Sohail (kept in a game vs. WI at Dhaka in 1998), Al-Shariar Rokon (kept occasionally for Bangladesh when Khaled Mashud was injured), Brendan Taylor (began as an opening batsman and off-spin bowler before taking the gloves for Zimbabwe).

If you do not have enough evidence to rank, just tell me your top three and bottom three.

N.B.: Although Kumar Sangakkara and AB de Villiers often play as specialist batsmen, they are also specialist keepers with world-class technique, so I did not include them.


Arsalan Kashi: Good answer. Can you give a few reasons like Umpy did?

Umpy: Hall is a better keeper IMO than Sinclair and Trescothick, Rokon and Sohail would probably be the worst. Good answer.

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    Best to Worst

    Rahul Dravid

    Brendan Taylor

    Jimmy Maher

    Lou Vincent,

    Andrew Hall

    Mathew Sinclair

    Marcus Trescothick

    Al-Shariar Rokon

    Aamir Sohail

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    Rahul Dravid~

    Lou Vincent,

    Mathew Sinclair

    Jimmy Maher,

    Andrew Hall,

    Marcus Trescothick,

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    For their country they are part time but most kept a few seasons for their provinces. But here goes my rankings based on viewing them keep, some are left out as I didn't see them keep.

    1. Rahul Dravid (always thought he was better then parthiv patel)

    2. Lou Vincent (agile as a fox, better then gareth hopkins)

    3. Jimmy Maher (good alround talent)

    4. Brendan Taylor (saw him keep for under 19s, fast footwork and good stumpings)

    5. Matthew Sinclair (plays out of his skin behind the stumps but not as agile as McCullum or Vincent)

    6. Marcus Trescothick (always looked so out of place behind the stumps)

    these are all the players I saw in action so will reserve judgement on the others.

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    (one million) Boucher (2) Kamran Akmal (3) Geraint Jones (4) Brad Haddin (5) Chris examine (6) Gareth Hopkins (7) Brendon McCullum (8) Denesh Ramdin (9) HAP Jayawardene (10) MS Dhoni (eleven) Matthew past (12) Tim Ambrose (13) KKD Karthik (14) Parthiv Patel (15) Mushfiqur Rahim. Sangakkara is now a batsman and is probably no longer taken care of as a keeper.

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    1.Rahul Dravid-a geat slip fielder and good keeper in wc 03

    2.Trescothic-havnt seen him keep but great slipper so would be decent keeper too.

    3.Jimmy Maher-all aussies are good at fielding so he would be good at keeper

    the rest are crap as the others arnt even good at fielding

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