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What power supply do i need?

Computer Specs

Raidmax Sagitta Case

Motherboard: MSI P6NGM-FIH (check it out at

Intel Quad core E6600 and its Intel heatsink

One CD/DVD drive by LG

500 GB Seagate Cavialar (or something like that)

RAM Kingston DDR2 800mhz 2 GB

Please go to this website

and choose one preferable below 90 dollars

i really am asking too much help, so i really do appreciate all the help. thank you


do power supply units come with cables?

if not how much would it cost?

thanks again

Update 2:

i will soon get a nvidia 8800 gts or ati something dunno yet

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    Sure, I'll help. Power supplies always come with cables, and the non-modular ones that snake out the box are both cheaper and more reliable. Speaking of reliability, power supplies are heavily tiered. The best come from people like zippy; an honest 500 watts from them costs hundreds of dollars and weighs a good eight pounds. Other companies like Deer/L&C/Allied/Solytech or Raidmax/Leadman will sell you 500 watts for fifteen dollars without rebates. Guess which one is based on a 1990's design, is really inefficient, has little power filtering, no thought to safety, will die in a small surge,and sports faked UL stickers(!) and power ratings twice its ability. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes is nice.

    Newegg would cost you almost 50% less for the same gear, but if you have a gift certificate or something:

    (The same Seasonic as below, but built to slightly lower standards. Only one Japanese capacitor, bit higher ripple. Still exceeds its stickered output under thermal duress, and it's 80% efficent, too. I own the 380 watt version, and I'd confidenly run anything 9600GT or below on it with your CPU. Yours should be good even for an 8800GT, and maybe an HD4850 too; add the 12V amps and give 30% margin for safety.

    (A bit above your budget, but it's bulletproof and just oozes sex appeal. It's made by Seasonic, and is a rather high end build, with japanese capacitors throughout. It has very low ripple, and actually exceeds its rated outputs when under thermal stress. Good stuff.)


    Switched to Delta, is that so? Well, they're a good maker. Delta makes everything from OEM branded PC 300 watters, to 300$ 500 watt server power supplies, to HUGE power pole and industrial linear supplies. They've been doing this for decades, and range from "meh" to indestructable based upon how a company like Antec specs their order.

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  • Ratufa
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    You didn't mention a video card, but that motherboard comes with onboard video, so maybe you're using that.

    My recommendation is to get a Corsair 450vx:

    That is a really good power supply. The 550vx would also be good, but it costs more. Either PSU will come with all the cables you need to connect to your motherboard and other components.

    The Antec Earthwatts PSU that another person mentioned would probably work fine for your system. One note: Antec recently switched suppliers from Seasonic to Delta, so it's likely that you'd get a EA430D (for Delta) version. I'm not sure how good that is compared to the Seasonic model.

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    each power supply comes with cables or at least should if not bring it to curict city or best buy or radio shcak and see if they have the cables but get a 400 w power supply cause ull have alot of power

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  • 4 years ago

    whilst a skill furnish is rated at 4 hundred watts which potential it could furnish as much as 4 hundred watts of DC skill. the skill furnish takes AC skill out of your wall outlet at one hundred twenty volts and converts it to 12v, 5v, 3.3v DC for the drives, CPU, motherboard, and so on... the fact is that your laptop will use around a hundred watts AC skill or much less. A Kill-A-Watt meter could be offered for around $20 and which will inform you the real skill utilization of any equipment.

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    Without a video card i'd recommend at least 500W for safety. With a video card raise it to 600-700W.

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  • Anonymous
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    300-400W is the average, they are usually cheap (40-60 bucks)

    I'm buying a 400W microatx for my 7600gs, your comp doesnt look like it needs too much of a supply though so 300W would be good for you..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Somewhere around 500w - 700w should do the trick, most should come with cables.

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  • 1 decade ago
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