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High Definition Audio device doesn't work with videos, know why?

I have a Del desktop with windows Vista. I have recently updated my computer with vista, basically reinstalling it. And I've tried three speakers with my audio system, and none of them work. Does anyone know why. Just movies and TV shows aren't working. It used to work perfectly before fine. It says I have the latest driver, and everything, but I'm not sure of the problem. I've tried three different speakers and it's the same problem. I get this loud obnoxious noise that like rings over the words of the people.

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    Hi Hank

    Go in Hardware profile and see if the Audio drivers are installed or if they show up. Remember that even if they are there, it doesn't mean they are the correct one. If they are there, go in Audio in the control panetl and choose your input and output source. Lot of times, after a new installation, the driver is not chosen automatically. If you see the drivers in the pulldown, then you are sure they will work.

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