what does the tagalog phrase "yanong makulit" mean?

i tried seaching and couldnt find anything. lol thanks

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    Maybe "yanong makulit" : 'simply irritating' ?

    Probable stem :

    "Yano" : 'Plane', 'Smooth' adj.

    "Makulugó" : 'Warty', adj.


    "makulit" : English: (adj) means 'naggingly' 'irritating' (root

    "KULIT" from "ULIT", which means repetitive, repeat)

    (noun) "MAKULIT" is (1.) someone who is irritating because he or she does not get the point once but needs to be reminded again and again, so many times over.

    Notes: synonyms: 'n a g g e r', 'irritatingly difficult person', 'one who is on your face'


    "Makulit" : Describing a person who teases someone, often in a physical way but could also be verbal. A type of playfulness that is considered a positive attribute.

    From the tagalog # "KULIT" from "ULIT", which means 'repetitive', 'repeat' Notes: synonyms: elvish, impish, mischievous, playful, prankish, rascally, teasing,



    "yanong" : 'simply' (adv.)


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    Yano is a tagalog word mainly used in the Southern part of Luzon particularly in the Calabarzon area so it's not that widely known, especially in Manila. It means 'sobra' or 'too'

    makulit means annoying/persistent/pesky

    so when someone says you are 'yanong makulit' it means you are too persistent/annoying/pesky

    Source(s): native tagalog speaker. my folks use 'yano' a lot.
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    Oo na nga kasi makulit ka = Ok YES, because you're being persistent. Mahal nan jan ka pa ba? = Love, are you still there?

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    what does the tagalog phrase "yanong makulit" mean?

    i tried seaching and couldnt find anything. lol thanks

    Source(s): tagalog phrase yanong makulit mean: https://shortly.im/B5mwa
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    oo na nga kasi makulit ka oh yeh, its cuz ur annoying (couldnt think of a nicer word than annoying) mahal nan jan kapa ba? love, are you still there?

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