What is a rap song about Frank Sinatra?

I need to make up rap song about how Frank Sinatra is a hero and I don't rap. I listen to country music not rap and I don't even have a start to my rap. Can someone give me an example of a rap about Frank Sinatra Pleeeeaaase!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    frank is like a tank, hes unstoppable, hes like the fighter in the ring thats undropable, born in 1915, died in 98, he was all about love, never about hate, he was a man of song and could never be broke, some thought he was an artist, and others thought he was a joke, but good ol blue eyes never did choke while on the stage, he lived for each and every day, too bad the poor guy passed away in 98, rest in peace frank, for you we will pray- hows that?

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think the guy was a hero, so good luck to you with this task.

    When Frank crooned

    All the chicks swooned

    When he starred in a movie

    All the chicks thought he was groovy

    Not much about his life that was heroic.

    Good actor and singer who hung around Vegas alot. And that's the nice version of his life.

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