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Has BMJ become a political magazine instead of the medical journal it was designed to be?

I notice more and more political articles and less substantive medical or scientific articles in this once-great medical journal.

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    Unfortunately it and JAMA have both taken the same turning. It's not inconsistent with the way physicians always sign themselves Harvey Bloggs, MD, even when the subject matter has nothing to do with their field.

    It's not only BMJ and JAMA, it's also NEJM and (End of The World), Nature.

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    The machine that goes "ping" and costs $10,000,000 will save less lives than a cut priced preventative health campaign. Or even some free media publicity could do that.

    But you have a very interesting point, perhaps you could start or inspire the creation of a Journal of Political Medicine. I am not a doctor but worked in organisations providing information to doctors. I believe that the "politics" is important, but too many doctors forget the medicine and think they can change the world by talking and deal making (lying cheating and nepotism more like it).

    These are the types that probably write the articles.

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    I used to read the British Medical Journal many years is a shame to hear that it is becoming political...

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