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My Coach Doesn't Like Me?

I can't understand why my coach doesn't like me. I am playing freshman football. I am 5'11" 178 pounds which makes me the tallest and second heaviest on the team. Not to mention mines all muscle and the other guys is fat. I actually take the liberty to work out extra after weight room because they do not do things like shoulders and back. they pretty much only do bench. That seriously take me like an extra 2 hours. I also run about 30-60 minutes 4 times a week. And on top of all of that working out I throw the football and run routes at least twice a week usually 5 times a week. We recently did 40 yard dash time and i was the fastest at 5.2. he even late me race him and I beat him. I spend a lot of time memorizing my plays and am one of only two guys who knows the entire playbook. I am also always positive towards other players (things like good job to the second string and commenting on what everyone did right). I have only missed a week of practice and that was for vacation plans almost a planned a year ago. That is fewer than almost everyone on the team I am always very quite (do to my shyness) so I am not being an obnoxious loudmouth. I cannot figure out why my coach would dislike me? Anyone else have a football coach like this? Is it normal in football to have a coach that hates you?

This is how he dislikes me. He is always very hostile torwards me and never has anything positive to say. He also always seems disgusted while he is around me. Is this possibly just becasue i am a freshman because he doesn't seem to show this dislike to other people.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your experience, but unless he tells you why (himself) you can only guess (mind reading!). The only good reason to find out why oh! why he's such a jerk towards you would be to modify your behavior but at the end this is still HIS problem, he is the ONE that has the problem with you, is his responsibility to address it with you. Your responsibility is here towards yourself to protect YOU from his discouragement and unfair mistreatment so in few steps this is what I would do:

    1. Ask him directly if he has a problem with you.

    If he tells you (chances are he won't), understanding that THIS is more about HIM and does not reflect who YOU are,

    2. Offer him a solution that is fair to you.

    If this doesn't work (be prepared for this)

    3. Start recording every exchange with him, keep a diary (very important!): here you write date, time, event, witnesses and words exchanged with him (consider a hidden camera) and when you got enough evidence go to the top administrators of the program as well as the president of your campus ( you can look it up on your campus website, get the top people's e-mails!). You'll be amazed how much they'll care to know! You don't have to suffer because of someone else's hatred and prejudices.

    Take charge of the situation and BEST OF LUCK! ;)

    OH! and if you have had enough already, write an articulate letter to the the people mentioned above, you don't really need evidence your word counts! I've been there and I made it stop without evidence! People can't do to you what you don't allow;)) Good luck! You sound like a good guy.

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    If it really bothers you, one day after practice ask your coach if he has a minute after practice so you can ask him a few things

    Then ask him, "Hey coach, how am I doing out there? Is there any place that I need to improve on? "

    Then he will answer you, blah, blah, blah,

    And then ask him, "Coach, have I done anything to piss you off?"

    and then let him answer.......if he says no, why?

    Just tell him, "I think I did something to piss you off coz I feel like you treat me like crap"


    He could just be really pushing you because he thinks you have potential,

    Running the 40 at 5.2 is slow.

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    My Guess is he likes you my coach is like that to me and he loves me

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    i think you should keep talking to the coach, if he doesnt listen the next 3 times, talk to a principal. If that doesn't work ask a parent or guardian to visit the school and ask....

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    one of the reasons he probably doesnt like you is because you are a freshman. Just be the best that you can and prove to him you are worth having on the team. Give it all that you have.

    Make him like you. Be nice to him, do what he wants, be dedicated to the sport.

    When I was a frosh on my sport they hated me, I made sure that they liked me.

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    ur freshmeat. u think a coach is gonna b on u like that?? u have 2 earn it. theres no crying in football.

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    You need to call him out on this. Face to Face. Ask him. See what his response is.

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    go out there and hit someone hard that will make him realize u are good

    Source(s): ive had the same incedent
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