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Bad rap actors good rap actors list?

Overall most rappers makes bad actors. I think ATL was a good movie but i wish they would have replace T.I.P character because personally I think he mested up some scenes.Like this scene at the bottom.

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Yeah he did good in alot of scene only because he was acting himself but the emotional scenes kinda exposed him. Lauren London and the other actors did a great job but T.I, it felt like he was talking off the wall at time. Any body can act themselves don,t me your a great actor. Tupac,s a great actor because he started his career as a actor unlike cam,ron who acts his self in all his film. feel free to correct me if i,m wrong.

good actors

2pac, bow wow, methodman, ludacris, Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Mark 'Marky Mark' Wahlberg, andre 3000

bad actors

t.i.p, cam,ron snoop dogg, ice t, Eminem, the hole dipset, the hole rockafella. master p, lil romeo, (chris brown beyonce) singer, nas, dmx, damon dash, 50 cent, ja rule

My favorite actor is Don Cheadle Larenz Tate and Shia LaBeouf


yeah i forgot mos def yeah hes on my good actors list.

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    2pac ----- Good at the films he was in.

    Bow Wow ----- Good at the films he was in.

    Methodman -------- Pretty funny. I dont know about good.....

    Ludacris -------- Good so far.

    Queen Latifah -------- kinda over-rated.... better than most.

    Will Smith --------- Good.

    Marky Mark -------- Better than Smith. Of course he never really was a rapper :)

    Andre 3000 ---------- Good at what he's been in.

    T.I. ------- Bad

    Cam'ron ------- Horrible

    Snoop Dogg ------ Alright at what he's been in. better actor than rapper.

    Ice T ------- LMFAO

    Eminem --------- Good in 8 Mile for what it's worth.

    Dipset/Rokafella ------- Not worth watching.

    Master P ----- though

    Lil Romeo -------- Better than Master P

    Chris Brown --------- Bad

    Beyonce ------- Not too bad for what I expected

    Nas --------- Unfortunately bad.

    DMX ------- Better than I thought

    Damon Dash ------- LMAO!!!!

    50 Cent -------- Can't take him seriously.

    Ja Rule ------ Horrible, but better than 50.

    Mos Def -------Great Actor

    Common ------- Probably better than what he's been in so far.

    Big Boi -------- Alright for what he's been in.

    Dr. Dre ----- Pretty Bad.

    LL Cool J -------- Better than I'm willing to admit.

    Ice Cube ---------- Tries too hard.

    Redman ------ Funny. Not as good as Method......

    Nelly -------- Glad he called it quits.

    Busta Rhymes ------- I actually think he'd be a good actor if he'd do more.

    Tyrese --------- Kinda cheating, but he's alright.

    Xzibit -------- I really wanna like him, I do!!!

    Lauryn Hill --------- On paper she is good. Enjoyed sister act!

    Q-Tip --------- He tried

    Sticky Fingaz --------- Guilty pleasure :)

    Eve -------- Pretty Good.

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    Bad Actors List

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    Yeah I agree Eminem is not a good actor. The character on 8 mile was him so basically he was acting him self through out the hole movie.

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    1 decade ago

    i dont think bow wow is a good actor ...

    and mos def should be in the good actors section

    he does an amazing job

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mos Def is a good actor

    and i though ludacris did a good job in crash

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  • 1 decade ago

    What do u mean Eminem was a good actor even critics liked him

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  • 1 decade ago

    eminem and ice cube were the only decent actors,( well i havnt seen all this rappers perform but i seen a couple of them only ice cube and eminem were good)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ice Cube & mos def is alright..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mos def is one of the best rapper -> actors out there today...

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