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Which team do you like the best of this draft?? rank the top 3?

i kind of like my team a real lot....im not going to say which team is mine though until the end....im hoping mine is in the top three...R stands for reserve by the way

1st pick team

D McNabb

M Leinart (R)

T Jackson (R)

B Westbrook----went 1st overall

D McFadden----went 20th overall

R Mendenhall (R)

R Williams (R)

C Chambers

D Driver

D' Stallworth

B Stokley (R)

T Ginn Jr. (R)

J Witten

A Crumpler (R)

S Gostkowski

R Longwell (R)


Bills (R)

team 2nd pick

B Roethlisberger----went 19th overall

K Warner (R)

M Schaub (R)

L Tomlinson----went 2nd overall

W Parker

D Williams (R)

K Smith (R)

D Bowe

L Coles

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

N Burleson (R)

R White (R)

A Gates

B Utecht (R)

N Kaeding

J Scobee (R)


Colts (R)

team 3rd pick

C Palmer

J Delhomme (R)

J Garcia (R)

A Peterson----went 3rd overall

J Lewis----went 18th overall

A Green (R)

R Johnson (R)

C Johnson

K Curtis

L Evans

J Galloway (R)

S Smith (R)

V Davis

G Olsen (R)

J Reed

D Akers (R)


Eagles (R)

team 4th pick

T Brady----went 4th overall

J.T. O'Sullivan (R)

J Campbell (R)

B Jacobs

C Portis----went 17th overall

D McAllister (R)

E Graham (R)

P Burress

S Moss

W Welker

D Hester (R)

J Walker (R)

C Cooley

B Watson (R)

P Dawson

K Brown (R)


Ravens (R)

team 5th pick

M Bulger

M Hasselbeck (R)

M Ryan (R)

E James

S Jackson----went 5th overall

C Taylor (R)

R Brown (R)

B Edwards----went 16th overall

R Williams

T Holt

M Muhammad (R)

S Rice (R)

T Gonzalez

Donald Lee (R)

R Gould

L Tynes (R)


Titans (R)

team 6th pick

T Romo----went 6th overall

A Rodgers (R)

C Pennington (R)

M Lynch----went 15th overall

M Forte

J Fargas (R)

W McGahee (R)

A Boldin

H Ward

P Crayton

A Gonzalez (R)

V Jackson (R)

D Clark

Z Miller (R)

M Crosby

J Hanson (R)


Seahawks (R)

team 7th pick

E Manning

B Favre (R)

T Edwards (R)

J Addai----went 7th overall

L Johnson----went 14th overall

J Stewart (R)

J Jones (R)

B Marshall

M Colston

M Harrison

D Mason (R)

J Porter (R)

K Winslow

K Boss (R)

R Bironas

N Rackers (R)


Raiders (R)

team 8th pick

D Brees

J Russell (R)

J Kitna (R)

M Barber----went 8th overall

R Grant----went 13th overall

F Taylor (R)

L Maroney (R)

B Berrian

G Jennings

L Fitzgerald

D Jackson (R)

J Hardy (R)

T Heap

A Fasano (R)

N Folk

D Carpenter (R)


49ers (R)

team 9th pick

D Anderson

D Garrard (R)

P Rivers (R)

F Gore

M Jones-Drew

L White (R)

M Turner (R)

C Johnson

R Moss----went 9th overall

T Owens----went 12th overall

B Johnson (R)

E Royal (R)

H Miller

T Scheffler (R)

A Vinatieri

M Stover (R)


Redskins (R)

team 10th pick.

P Manning----went 10th overall

J Cutler (R)

V Young (R)

R Bush

T Jones

R Rice (R)

S Young (R)

A Johnson

R Wayne----went 11th overall

S Holmes

J Cotchery (R)

R Brown (R)

J Shockey

L.J. Smith (R)

J Brown

S Graham (R)


Jets (R)

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    Way too much reading. 9, 7, then 6.

    And I hope you're not Team 1. Taking Westbrook #1 overall is a pretty brave move. He fell to me with the 8th overall pick. Whoever that was will be kicking themselves in the nuts later.

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