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How does the IOC determine the winning bid to host the Summer/Winter Olympic games?

I know that cities around the world bid for the chance to host the games. Toronto lost out to Beijing for Summer 2008. Vancouver, British Columbia won the bid for Winter 2010 over Andorra la Vella, Harbin, Jaca and Sarajevo. London, Madrid, New York, Moscow and Paris were all vying for Summer 2012, and London won.

But what are the IOC's deciding factors?

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    Capability. Can they build it? Can they build it in time?

    Will the accommodation be good?

    What about public transport?

    Safety and Security?

    General Local acceptance?

    There is a lot of qualifying factors. There is a bid form on the IOC website, and you can see all the criteria a city must satisfy there.

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    Every national federation has a vote, so a candidate city needs to convince these federations BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE to give it their votes

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    Apparently the IOC awards the games to whatever country is known for running over its own citizens with tanks.

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