Batman vs. Spider-Man: All Out?

The question has been asked several times but I will go deeper. I will use multiple characters from each series and pair them against each other. Say who you think is the best of each. Thanks.


Batman vs. Spider-Man

-Obviously. They are the two main heroes. After the murder of someone they care about they don animal superhero identities to protect their cities.

Alfred vs. Uncle Ben

-People who raised the main heroes like fathers, and care deeply for them.

Vicki Vale vs. Mary Jane Watson

-The red haired girlfriends of the main heroes and some of their most prominent loves.

Catwoman vs. Black Cat

-The cat themed women who started out as opponents to their respective main hero and became prominent love interests.

Jim Gordon vs. George Stacy

-High police members in their respective cities.

Batgirl vs. Gwen Stacy

-Daughters of the high police people.

Aunt May vs. Aunt Harriet Cooper

-Caring aunts.

Renee Montoya vs. Jean DeWolff

-Prominent female cops in the series'.

Lucius Fox vs. Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

-African American friends and fellow workers of the main heroes.

Nightwing vs. Punisher

-Heroes that were popular enough in the title of the main hero to get their own popular spin-offs.

Batman II (Terry McGinnis) vs. Spider-Man (2099)

-Futuristic versions of the respective heroes that take up the mantles of the heroes.


Joker vs. Green Goblin

-The insane archenemies who love a good laugh.

Penguin vs. Vulture

-The bird themed enemies.

Mr. Freeze vs. Doctor Octopus

-Scientists that faced terrible tragedies that turned them insane. One falling into a vat of coolint the other caught in an explosion welding mechanical tentacles to his back. In the animated series they introduced Nora's wife and her thought to be death was a drive for Mr. Freeze. In Spider-Man 2 Otto Octavious was given a wife that was killed during his lab accident which was a leading driver for him in that version.

Man-Bat vs. Lizard

-Scientists that tried to get rid of an ailment they have by studying animals. One tried to stop his coming deafness by giving himself bat type sonar. The other tried to get his arm back with lizard regeneration.

Bane vs. Venom

-Two of the most fierce enemies of the main hero both being physically stronger then the main hero. One got his strength from a drug called Venom, the other got his powers from a parasitic suit and calls himself Venom.

Victor Zsasz vs. Carnage

-Insane serial killer enemies of the main hero.

Scarecrow vs. Scarecrow

-For obvious reasons. They are both insane fear obsessed enemies that go by the name Scarecrow. Nuff said.

Clayface vs. Sandman

-One is all clay the other is all sand. Both have similar powers. They have the ability to control all the molecules in their bodies and form their body parts into weapons, and other things like that.

Rupert Thorne vs. Kingpin

-The big mob bosses of their respective cities.

Two-Face vs. Green Goblin II

-They were both best friends with the main hero that met tragedy and then blamed the main hero for what happened and swore revenge. As an extra half of Harry's face was scarred in Spider-Man 3 like how half of Two-Face's face is scarred.

Riddler vs. Hobgoblin

-On the outside their doesn't appear to be any real similarities, but think about this. They both are extremely similar to the main antagonist of the main hero but have become famous villains in their own right.

Spellbinder vs. Mysterio

-The illusionist enemies.

Black Mask vs. Hammerhead

-Mobsters who have supervillain type twists to them. One with a scarred face and wearing a black scull mask. The other has a skull reinforced with metal and a flat head.

Monk vs. Morbius

-Vampire enemies of the main hero.

False Face vs. Chameleon

-False Face was created for the 60's Batman TV show but he is similar to the Chameleon. False Face wore masks and was a master at mimicking voices. Chameleon at first wore masks as well and is also great at mimicking voices.

Lazara vs. Calypso

-Beautiful female villains that have the ability to raise the dead.

-Batzarro vs. Doppleganger

-Mysterious clones of the main hero.

Solomon Grundy vs. Tombstone

-Solomon Grundy is a zombie. In one version Tombstone was said to look lie a dead man. Both are extremely strong.

Hugo Strange vs. Judas Traveller

-Criminal psychologists that went bad.

Firefly vs. Beetle

-Insect themed villains.

Joe Chill vs. Dennis Carradine

-Obviously since they killed loved ones of the main heroes. Joe Chill killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. Dennis Carradine killed Uncle Ben. Also both weren't given names until later on.

Perhaps more similarities could be found but I think that this is a lot. If it is too much for you to answer who you think is the best of each I'll understand. You could just say what you think about them being very comparable or not. Which is the best?

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    Vicki Vale?

    Cat Woman

    Jim Gordon

    Bat Girl

    Aunt May

    Renee Montoya

    Lucius Fox


    Batman II (Terry McGinnis) (Do you mean Batman Beyond vs the future Spiderman?)

    Joker (Definite choice)


    Doc Oct



    Green Goblin II



    Black Mask


    False Face




    Hugo Strange


    Joe Chill

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  • Kelly
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    4 years ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    Spiderman of course. Batman doesn't have any real powers. He's frontin.

    Alfred's better. Batman trusts him enough to tell him his secrete. Ain't that enough?

    Vicki & MaryJane are both irritating screamers and they should be ditched.

    Catwoman just cause she's super cool

    Cops! Did you mention cops? The're useless, never on time in these shows and let the freaks in costumes do all the work.

    Batgirl kicks butt and knows how to hide in the all concealing shadows.

    Aunt May - She's just the sweetest thing. I wish she was my Aunt.

    Are you mentioning TV and Comic Book Cops Again? I thought I explained myself already.

    Lucius Fox - How absolutely cool is he?

    Who's Knightwing and the Punisher? Just Kidding.

    There's a Batman II? Why do I not know this?

    The Joker - No explination needed after Heath Ledger's Performance.

    The Penguine and The Vulture? Both these guys didn't think really hard for cool names did they?

    Mr. Freeze & Doc Oc should have been smart enough to (Doctors Hello!) to analyze themselves and the get new wives.

    Man Bat & Lizzard - Hmmm, somehow I think they would have been better off the way they were don't you?

    Venom just on the basis that that symbiont suite was the bomb!

    Clayface & Sandman - Boy, those guys were a mess. No pun intended.

    Kigpin- Because he was a smart enough crook to know he sould use an alias.

    Green Goblin - Just because he didn't have to stop and flip a coin to decide if he was gonna put sombody out of their misery. Just do it already.

    Riddler - Cause I like his riddles. The're fun.

    Spellbinder & Misterio - These guys should quite villany and start their own show. They'd probably make more money and stay out of jail.

    Hammerhead - Because he sounds tougher. Heck, he's named after a shark.

    Monk & Morbius - Nope don't know these guys. Guess I'm not as up to par on my Comics as I thought.

    I like Chameleon - His name just fits. The whole blending thing Chameleon. Yea.

    Lazara - I like the play on the name (Lazaurus) very biblical

    Dopplganger- the name speaks for itself.

    The rest of these guys I really don't know. You have alot of time on your hands don't you?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow you really went deep into this, character wise. The greatest thing that brings the heroes together is that their probably the greatest superhero outcasts. Batman went as far as forming his own team because he felt so distanced from the Justice League. He might not be the amazingly fantastic good guy like Superman, but he cares enough that he does what does without even having superpowers. That's a hero. And Spider-Man, ridiculed by his teammates because of his age and his tights. Although funny at times, I really get annoyed that people bash on Spidey when he could easily hand them their own asses in a fist fight. And their not only outcasts to their teammates, but to society. Spidey has always been an enemy of the police and J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle. And as you can see in the Dark Knight, Batman allows himself to be the villain, and in doing so, becomes even more of a hero.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow.... good work! Okay. Batman would kick butt because he has amazing gadgets and a batmobile. I'm going to skip some of them... you have a lot! I think Alfred would win because he seems to be a very intelligent guy where Uncle Ben is just kinda that average uncle. MJ seems to be kind of an air head and Vicki is fiesty... so Vicki. This one is a toughie... Joker and Green Goblin. Joker has basically his knife and the laughing gas. But Green Goblin has all the cool exploding pumpkins (I think?). I am gonna have to go with Green Goblin on this one... although Green Goblin doesn't seem to be as smart as Joker.. Joker seems to be a genius. That is a hard one. I don't have an answer for that one!! Doc Oc and Mr. Freeze... hmm... I'm gonna say Doc Oc because he is a GENIUS. Mr. Freeze is okay but I never liked him... Doc Oc it is! Two Face and Green Goblin 2.... I am gonna have to go with GG2 because Two Face died and so far GG2 hasn't.... I hope I picked enough... it would take awhile to really think who would win in a battle against each other...

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  • 6 years ago

    I don't have the patience to answer all the questions but I will answer one. Batman vs Spider-man. Most will say spider-man will win because he has power, and Batman sucks because he doesn't have powers which makes me mad, but Batman would win with perpetration time, why, because with prep time, Batman is invincible, one time he actually defeated the whole Justice League with his plans. By doing so he prepared for the worst and studied each of the league's members and defeated them all. If batman can defeat the justice league, then he can defeat spider-man. Batman is always steps ahead of you, he has already won the fight before you begun. Batman doesn't just swoop in and kick people's butt. Unlike spider-man, Batman plans.

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  • 1 decade ago

    awesome question, and great comparison, however I have to go with Batman. Spider-Man has only been around for about 45 years, and Batman has been around almost 70 years

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