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Did Carl rough up Kyle or was it fairly clean?

I'm listening to the radio only. (no TV)

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    it wasnt a bump and run, before they got to the turn carl hit the back of kyle busch which made him enter the turn faster and slide up the race track more, and kyle had to break harder to avoid running higher which allowed edwards to get past him in one solid swoop.

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    Man this this was Bristol at its best, man this was awesome Congrats Cousin Carl, any body that can stand up and whoop this dang little scrub, go get'um Carl, I'm not the biggest Ford Fan. I looking forward to Roush-Fenway whopping Toyota's A**. It was just racing and Bristol does anybody remember Labonte and Earnhardt Sr..Yep it just Bristol one of the last few tracks where these guys show some real driving personality.

    Go Dale Jr & Hms (and Dale Jr please read the rule book before the next race especially the starts)

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    Clean. And the exact same type of bump and run Kyle has used on others (including Carl) before.

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    with 20 something laps to go and you finaly have a chance to go for the win and you do so by bumping a little, that was clean. Kyle lost no track position, he was able to even slip right behind Carl and bump him back so no that was fair

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    He hit Kyle and Kyle got a little loose and Carl passed him, according to my information he nudged Kyle's left fender and that decreased his acceleration, you need a lot of that at Bristol and Kyle struggled to contend with Denny and Harvick.

  • Ron
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    I am not sure about clean. It is the acceptable Bristol bump and run.

    Kyle has done harder bumps. he has no reason to complain. The bump and run is the reason the car that leads the most laps usually does not win.

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    It was clean. It was racing. Carl did exactly what Shrub would have done if it would have been the other way around.

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    What Carl did was a sweet maneuver. Carl did it without wrecking our points leader, and he did it for a victory.

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    the "bump and run" was done with some THIRTY laps to go. if kyle is as bad as his-self thinks he is, than he had PLENTY of time to get the lead back and/or retaliate. i'm an old school EARNHARDT FAN and i know the bump and run. it was usually done with 2 or 3 laps to go, not much time to get back at 'em. if kyle was mad at the situation, it was with himself.

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    It's Bristol...It was clean as the driven snow.

    Shrub got his bump back after the pass

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