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How do I correct a mistake on ANSWERS?

I am hotshoes ,and I asked WHY BLINDERS ON HORSES ?I keyed thumbs down on some answers,but meant to say thumbs up.Sorry.Also I have not learned to work this thing so good.I am clumsy on the keys ,but I am smooth with horses I did not see in your ansers ,exactly what I was looking for. Blinders you see are so a horse when in team cannot see the whip untill it has done its work on the horse it was meant for .With open bridles a threatened whip would spook all of a team.Blinders are so the horse cannot see when the punishment is going to strike.

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    Well I think you got your point across! It was nice of you to repost with an explaination. There are a LOT of SNERTS out there (YA calls them Trolls) who have nothing better to do than thumbs down bunches of questions.

    It makes a lot of folks who would otherwise contribute GREAT and useful answers a bit more hesitant to participate. But you did good by explaining what had happened.

    GREAT answer btw.

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  • Lou
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    I see no real problem with either, unless they are used inappropriately.

    Blinkers can be really good. They stop the horse from getting distracted from what is going on around it so the horse can concentrate on the task at hand. Unless they aren't used for this purpose they are a useful thing for both horse and human.

    Whips are used to enforce a message. Like if you ask a horse to walk on and it doesn't. Ask again, but use the whip with a quick tap to reinforce the message you were sending. If there is a reason a horse isn't responding, like fear or mixed signals, and then the whip is used a lot without consideration of why the horse isn't moving, or if the whip is used a lot and/or used with excessive force, or used to scare a horse into doing something, then that is cruel. The long whips on driving horses replace the leg aids of a rider. The horses know this and respond when the whip is flicked. The blinders are not used to stop the horse seeing the whip, just to keep the horse concentrating, as, especially with driving horses, if they get distracted it is harder to keep them under control than with a horse being ridden normally, with the rider on top.

    When used properly, these things are both useful horse training tools, sometimes even able to be removed from a situation altogether, sometimes not. Of course, as with many horse/animal training aids, things can be used incorrectly and can therefore be determined as cruel. However, when used in the intended way, they benefit both horse and human.

    I can see why, if people have experienced these things in a cruel way, people may think all people who use these training aids, as well as the aids themselves, as being cruel, but you just have to learn about these aids, and the right and wrong ways to use them, then you'll understand the reasons for them and how when used properly they aren't cruel.

    Hope I helped. I'm not telling you that you are wrong, I'm just saying that you may have experienced, or heard stories from people who have experienced, cases in which these aids are used inappropriately. Not all horse people are like this, just the bad, uncaring ones.

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    That's funny. I guess you're one of the only people that uses a whip as punishment. A whip is a training tool to encourage or make cues clearer. Not a punishment device. And blinders are used in driving horse's so they focus on forward movement rather than what is going on around them, such as a a racehorse paying attention to the race rather than the crowd or when driving a horse or even for little miniature guide horse's that wear blinders so not to be spooked or feel threatened by crowded streets or obstacles.

    Perhaps you should learn the proper use of both tools before putting them to use on any horse.

    Welcome back Jeff

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    actually blinder are so the horse can not see cars and other distractions. It has nothing to do with the whip. A horse learns pretty fast which one is being smacked with a whip. This is why horses are used with blinders even when not in team. As for as how to correct your mistake...Sorry, but it is too late.

    BTW after a month with no internet I am back.

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  • gallop
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    Your philosophy is actually the exact opposite of mine. If I were to use a whip, the point would be to get the response just by showing the whip....not to actually use it.

    It is similar to the use of rein chains, where the horse can feel a signal as light as a vibration before any actual engagement of the bit is effected. The horse responds to the rein vibration, and no pressure on his mouth is needed. Horses trained this way never experience pain or harshness, but rather they learn to respond to the very slightest, almost indiscernible signals. The blinders, used the way you describe, leaves the horse in a constant state of stress, never knowing when that punishment is coming, and with no chance to avoid it. It makes no sense to do it that way.

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  • Katie
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    That makes no sense whatsoever. A whip is not meant to be a tool of punishment and to use it as such is verging on cruel. It is used to reinforce what the rider/driver has asked.

    Horses should not fear any whip either. Taking a whip and using it amongst a group of horses in a team or in the field should not encite major spooking unless they have been mistreated with one.

    Blinders are used to keep the horse focused on what is in front of it and not looking around. They should not be used to compensate for incorrect/over use of a whip.

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    Blinders are to help prevent distractions to the horse/team.

    I wondered where you went, Jeff. It's good you're back

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, simply put your wrong on your answer.

    Please don't drive horses until you get training.

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