Baby name help! Olivia Jade or Jadeyn Brin?


Will all of your help I think we have FINALLY narrowed down the last few names off of our list. My daughter now has a trendy-er name (Kendal Rae) and am torn between Olivia...which has always been one of my favorites, but is now super popular, or Jadeyn, which is trendy, and would "match" my daughters name better. I am do in a few months and really need your help, I am driving my husband bannanas! Is it okay if my daughters have one trendy name and one traditional? Which name do you think is prettier! Thanks for all your help in advance!!


Hi! I jusxt wanted to key everyone know that I did consider Olivia Jadeyn and Jadeyn Olivia but our lady name is Powell and all three names contain 6 letters! It kinds freaks me out all those sixes and all I don't know I think its a religous thing!

Update 2:

Sorry for all the typos I'm on my cell phone! Our last name is Powell is what I meant to say. Sorry tiny keys and I wasn't paying attention! Lol

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    Olivia Jade is a gorgeous name. Its a little more common that Jayeyn Brin but it flows and is absolutely beautiful. However this is your daughter! Chose the one that YOU love! You wont make a mistake I promise you.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    Have you considered Olivia Jayden or Jadeyn Olivia?

    To me Jadeyn Brin sounds very masculine compared to Olivia Jade.

    Because you like both the names "Olivia" and "Jadeyn" why not try to combine the two and see which one flows better with your surname.

    Both names will "match" with your daughter Kendal, you just need to decide which you would rather your new child to have as her name. She won't be at her sisters side all the time for comparison so that doesn't matter all that much to your daughters does it?

  • Wren
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    1 decade ago

    Olivia Jade is a beautiful name and it's okay for the girl's names to be different, gives them even more a sense of individuality.

    Jadeyn would have to constantly correct people on the spelling (which trust me is a pain that never seems to end). Also Jadeyn would have to deal with having a unisex name while her sister got a nice feminine name.

    You could use a more feminine variation of Jadeyn like with Jada or Jade.

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    I think Olivia Jade is really cute, Olivia Jadeyn would be cute too - a little bit traditional and modern at the same time

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    It is perfectly fine to name your child w/ a tradtional-trendy name! I like Olivia a lot; but then I also like Jadeyn as the middle name...not thrilled a bit with Brin though. I know: I just made matters more confusing!!! lol

    Congrats and good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Olivia Jade is BEAUTIFUL! name her that - i dont think it matters that one is trendy and one isnt.

    Jadeyn Brin doesnt sound good at all .

    i think Jadeyn Olivia sounds better.

    but i really love Olivia Jade.

  • Olivia Jade. I am over my top with Jadeyn, it's every other kid's name boy and girl!

    I gave my kids one trendy name and one traditional/older name.

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    Name her Olivia Jade. If you chose Jadeyn she will spend her whole life having to spell if for people or saying "I'm a girl...yes, I know it sounds like a boys name".

  • Coco L
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    I love Olivia Jade! Jadeyn is too unisex for my taste, while Olivia is so sweet, and pretty!

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    Olivia Jade

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Jadeyn Brin is really cute! Congrats on the baby!

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