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Where do environmental engineers work?

Do they work on construction sites? labs? etc etc.

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    Environmental engineers work anywhere where construction is taking place, yes. They are always there analyzing what impact a project is going to have.

    They work alongside chemical engineers to figure out low impact solutions to factory designs and operations. They work alongside geotechnicals to help with water runoff and studying pollutants in local rivers and streams.

    They occupy a smaller percentage of engineering jobs, but they are always present. In many firms, an enviromental engineer is THE environmental engineer and maybe even the only one employed. It may be a little harder to find a job as environmental, but they are always needed in some capacity.

    And yes, lab work is pretty much always there to some extent.

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    Yes Organic comes under environmental

  • Typically at industry sites testing air, water, etc.

    Most environmental engineers work for the big industry companies to help show the government (EPA) that the companies are in compliance. Sometimes this involves lying, but there you have it.

    I use to work for an environmental air testing company.

    We would go in and test the gasses coming from refineries, power plants, etc. to show that they were in compliance with the law... but then once we leave, whos to say what laws might be broken.

    Most of these companies are tested twice a year or so.

    Hope that helps.


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    Where do environmental engineers work?

    Do they work on construction sites? labs? etc etc.

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