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home tattoos... details listed.?

i want to do a home tattoo. how do you do it? my sister tried but it didn't work... don't geve me crap about how stupid it is to do!

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    First off, NO pens have toxic ink in them, thats ridiculous.

    Now, I strongly recommend against this, for multiple reasons:

    its really easy to scar yourself not that big of a deal)

    its really easy to get an infection... possibly something serious.

    You could scrub with lysol all day, youll never get a house sterile enough to tattoo unless you know what youre doing.

    And if you want a home tattoo because you want one, but arent old enough, or dont want parents to find out... keep in mind that WHEN your tattoo gets infected, youre gonna have to tell your parents, or you could DIE from the infection.

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    well i must say it is stupid but if u want to know something u have to ask huh.

    1.needle(the 1s that has eye)

    2.sewing thread(cotton) (i hope you dont try and make your own)

    4.steady hand(for the giver)

    5.prayer (for the receiver)

    take thread and carefully bound around needle then after that it may take bout oh till it looks like a toothpick,dip in ink the thread will soak it.then the 1 giving it should do it in rhytme or at a speed more like having their palm and maybe their wrist steady alot like writing or drawing...have fun and be creative at it

    Source(s): dont use toxic ink(alot of pens has it) to outline the tattoo
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    Things You’ll Need:

    * A pencil

    * White Thread

    * A needle

    * Calligraphy ink

    * Paper Towel

    * A pen

    * Good Hating music such as "Chop Suey"-System of a Down, "Dualty"-Slipknot, "Violent Pornography"-System of a Down...none of that "Just a Friend"-Mario stuff. haha

    * Oh yeah, another important thing you'll need...time and patience...don't do it when you have a limited amount of remember..this is permanent.

    So, first and foremost...SANITIZE your needle...remember how piercing yourself has a high infection rate? Yeah...times that infection rate by the hundreds of stabs/pokes you are about to do to yourself and there's the infection rate for your tattoo. Not to scare you be on the safe side...I'm over-exaggerating a bit...a bit...alright fine...A LOT but still..don't be lazy..just give your body some respect and do it right.

    Alright, have your VERY CLEAN, SANITIZED, you will take your pencil...make the eraser side point up, take the needle and have the pointy end face up, then...take the thread and start binding the needle and the eraser side of the pencil together, making sure the pointy end of the needle is the one sticking out...the needles pointy end sticking about one centimeter off of the pencil (eraser side).You want to make sure to take your time on this step since the more neatly you bind the two together, the closer you'll be to wrapping the thread as close to the point of the needle as humanly possible. And with that said, the closer you bind the thread to the needle point, the better because that way, you don't have to stab the needle in too hard to get the ink to go under the skin.

    Alright, now it's time to get started. Lay down your tattoo weapon and grab a pen (preferably a black ballpoint pen)and sketch your design where you desire it...(oh yeah...I wouldn't do anything under the foot...especially not words..doesn't work out too well)..and once you have it the way you want it and have gotten rid of all of those other black drawings/spots on you, it is time to start the actual tattoo.

    Now is the time to put in that aggressive, hating music...which will absorb the pain for you.haha. So, having your paper towel ready at hand, slowly start poking away making sure to take your time and try to follow the drawn on design as best as humanly possible. As you go, wipe the ink away and go over it all a few times until you feel you have finished (trust me, you'll know when that time is).

    Go to your bathroom and put some medium temperatured water on it. Wipe away the excess ink and dab it dry. Put Antiseptic Ointment like Neosporin or something on it and put a band-aid on it. Then, go to bed and feel accomplished for having successfully tattooed yourself.

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    Do you need to know how to make a tattoo gun too?

    Cause i just made one, and i'm getting tattoo this week.

    Just don't use India Ink..use real tattoo ink..India Ink comes off after a while

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    you don't

    Look up these things: MRSA, Blood Bourne Pathogens, Tattoo Infections

    because if you do not understand what the dangers are to what you are planning, then you should not do it.

    This is why there are laws about tattooing. This is why the tattoo artist must be licensed.

    If you do not know these things, you are putting your life in danger.

    Seriously, this is no joke.

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    I heard you could use a guitar string to make an incision and rub ink in it.

    If you ask me though that sounds like you are begging for an infection :)

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    a sewing needle, a piece of string and ink preferrabley indian. wrap the string around the needle close to the tip but not to close. the string soaks in the ink after you dip it in the ink. Then poke away till you have a tattoo. This really works but do not except any responsibility for any actions taken.

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    My first tattoo was done with a guitar string attached to a motor attached to a stapler. You have to have the right kind of ink though. And preferably someone who knows how to tattoo. I had mine redone 5 times and I still wont take my shirt off in public because of it.

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    you take a needle and poke yourself and then you put a pen on t so you get ink in the hole- i have one on my finger

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