What graphing calculator should I use for algebra 2? TI-84 plus or TI-84 plus silver?

I'm a sophmore taking Algebra 2. (1 year ahead and I'm planning to take an AP class senior year. I'm taking biology and will be taking chemistry and physics. The syllabus for my math class says I need a TI-84 plus. There is a TI-84 plus and a TI-84 plus silver edition. What is the difference? Is it worth getting the TI-84 plus silver or should I opt for the TI-84 plus?

Some info:

I have glasses and my vision with them is 20/40. I need a calculator that has buttons/inscriptions/writting you can see easily. The screen has to be clear.

I'm currently taking algebra 2, but I will take pre-calc, calc, biology, chemistry, and physics.

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    There are two major difference between those calculators . One is the color of the case, the other is the amount of memory.

    If you plan on playing a ton of calculator games, then maybe the memory will be important. It will not be for your academic courses. My suggestion is you go with the least expensive.

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    I've gone through advanced university linear algebra courses and multivariable calculus courses and have never, EVER, needed a graphing calculator.

    In fact, graphing calculators were prohibited during most exams.

    I would recommend purchasing a GOOD scientific calculator such as the HP-33, putting it in RPN mode (reverse polish notation) and learning how to use it effectively. We don't use graphing calculators in the sciences - that's what MathCAD and Maple are for.

  • PeterL
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    I have a Masters and Professional degree from an ivy league university in engineering and my advice is to get a good scientific calculator at a reasonable price and then try to use it as little as possible...you learn much better that way, and soon you will find for many things, your own quick calculations are faster than using a calculator and keeps you on your toes better.


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    I have never used anything more than a pencil, paper and a good scientific calculator. It takes much longer graphing everything but I learned much better will all the hard work.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only difference is that the silver has games. So if you don't want to pay attention in class, get that. Otherwise, save your money and spend it on something better.

  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Hopefully, because I got the ti-84 one.

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