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Which States are Republicans rigging the elections this time?


How To Rig An Election In The United States

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    You mean there are some that they're *not* trying to rig?

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    Why do you think the Democrats hate Bush so much? It's because the Democrats had got so used to rigging the elections in their favor that when Bush out smarted them they couldn't stand it. Remember Quinn's law "What ever the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing the Democrats are already doing or plan on doing.

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    Hmmm. Even if they are Republicans, they are Americans. Even if they are Democrats, they are Americans. They both bring shame to this nation. This is a classical case of a failing nation. Politicians reflect on a nation's health. Bush represents ignorant and irritating American attitude. Obama represents careless american attitude. McCain represent the typical American attitude of not understanding the problem. The heads of nation all accross the globe represent the nation. And commenting that Republicans are rigging election actually shows that republicans are goons and democrats are impotent

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    I think you mean what states did the Democrats rig to give Obama the nomination.

    HINT Michigan and Florida

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    The Republicans have never rigged an election. That sounds more like something an anti American socialist Democrat would do.

  • Definitely not Florida and Ohio because Obama had already rigged those states.


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    probably the same ones obama and the DNC rigged during the primaries you know florida where people who live there are now half citizens according to the DNC and michigan where non-existent voters were given to Obama

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    Errr... .wasn't it the dems who didn't count two states that voted for Hillary?

    I suggest you rig up some brain cells

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    All of them, plus George Bush is going to alter the weather in democratic areas to ensure a low turnout.....

    mcCain 08

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