What are the views of youth in today's society?

What are some things that reflect youth sub-culture, in Western society?

Are such representations true? Or false?

What is the difference between the view of 'white' and 'black' youth?

How are youth being represented through the media?

What are your opinions of youth today?

Does everybody follow the crowd to much?

What are your views on drinking, sex and smoking/drugs?

Are all young people into these thing??

ANSWER HONESTLY, state your views and opinions on youth in today's society, what do you hate and what do you love.

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  • LAM3
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    1 decade ago
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    I'm in my early twenties, almost mid.

    I feel like health insurance is a serious issue. I usually watch a lot of public television. When I do watch cable it's National Geographic, The Science Channel, things like that. I'm not into mainstream pop culture intensely.

    I think education is fundamental to the people around the world. I've always had this idea that if we were taught about government politics used realistically in our lives, taxes, and developing social relationships with others while in school a lot of people would be prepared for becoming an adult. I was bored with trigonometry, and I don't even use it while I'm in school now. It was a waste of my time. Or maybe I'm saying that because I hate math.

    Between black and white? I don't feel like I've ever had a problem with a youth who was my age but of a different race. My neighborhood was predominantly Italian growing up. While they may have had a problem with us being on the block, I wouldn't have known. But however, a vast number have moved out. The neighborhood has greatly changed. I know that is because of profiling neighborhoods from realtors.

    I would say most people, no matter the age, are thriving for relationships, how to make them work or how to start one or end it. I've met some folks around my age, and they have come across void of knowledge. Others are on the same page with me about what's going on in our world or on a lower level, our city.

    And again, when it comes to money, people of all ages are occupied with that. Money, the things that it can buy you, and so on. Like people are always frontin and tryin to keep up with others. But they're brainwashed into thinking that they've got to have the latest tech machine. Or their car has to be modded or their clothes have to be the latest.Those things are pushed on television to occupy your time and money. Experiments have been done on mass population and brainwashing.

    I don't drink a lot. I do not like cigaretts. However, I smoke ganja but I've never used any other drug and don't plan on it. It's aiight to have fun when you have the time, because in all honesty, when you really have your career in place you'll always be working to keep bills paid and trying to save. In the future your time will be limited, because you want to invest in your career, start a family, and the list goes on.

    For the most part, I want people to value what matters most. They don't seem to understand that you can lose your possessions in the snap of a finger. I do love the fact that there are young people who are fighting for the important causes of the world or in our country. I know that they have left an impression on a younger person so I'm proud of those people for that. But they need more air time.1

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hm...good question. In America, kids can do whatever they want, think whatever they want, and discriminate whenever they want. Youths learn from adults, and if our influences aren't helping, then the youth with turn up just as bad. In my school (yes, I am a youth), all the...well...darker skinned people are in tight cliques, as well as all the white kids. Not because our school seperates us, but just because we choose it (so our school might as well). Our attitudes are so different, and our views, it's like we've been on seperate sides of a room for too long. If I would to ever try and talk to someone different than me, they wouldn't be very gracious about it. And it's not just my school; it's every public school! And about folllowing the crowd thing? That's practically what defines today's youths. For example, I have to dance a certain way and listen to music in a certain way to not be made fun of. I'm WHITE. That means I MUST wear Abercrombie and have straight hair(which I don't). Drugs, alcohol and sex? No, fortunately our school isn't like that. But I can tell alot of these kids may grow up to be that way. Sorry if I'm rambling, but our school is so liberal and tight at the same time it drives me insane. Most of the time, I severely wish I was in a different school. I feel often as if I'm the only one noticing this. And truthfully, youths through the media are portraying EXACTLY my theory. So really? Youth in America, or my part, really needs some changes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly I think the youth of today are lost they are a generation of TV obsesses, video game junkies, you tube fools, and easy 'A's' in school.

    Parents are loosing their grip with kids for fear that they will get social services called on them, that their kids will miss out on the latest games, food, clothes, etc so much that they are afraid to discipline them they let their kids run wild allowing them to drink, smoke and have sex in their homes.

    If society was a bit tougher on the parents I think that the youth of today would be much better off.

    Source(s): Parent of 22 and 23 year old and a grandmother of 2.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well the women are out of place, don't knowhow to cook, knit, or clean right, the future is not so bright. As long as us males exist we may have a chance.

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