How cool is this Phelp's website I found?

It's new but I think it summarizes the interesting things about All of Swimming team USA. Let me know. Be honest.

If you like it tell your friends about. I did and they thought it was very creative, know my whole school uses it. Just keep in mind it's new and under extensive work. If its too new for you just come back you'll like it.

Thanks everybody!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually is doesnt look good it looks horrible; it looks very cheap and looks like a 5th grader just put some pictures on a page with ads and a little text. It looks like something someone threw togther in like 5 minutes using a template; they couldnt even afford a domain.

    From the way your asking about this I think your the creator of the page and are just trying to get people to come to it and say what they think about since you "told your friends about it and they all thought it was creative" and "Just keep in mind its new and under extensive work" that sounds exactly like someone trying to promote something they own without saying that its yours.

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