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electric car how many watts it uses at crusing speed of 60 mph ??

assuming the car weighs appr 3500 lb

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is 745 watts per horsepower. So if a small 90 horsepower car could cruise at 60 mph at 1/3 its max output you would have 30 HP x 745 watts/HP = 22,371 watts. 22 Kilowatts.

    This is just a guess. You would have to know many things about the car to really be accurate. At 60mph the most work is being done overcoming air resistance, so a streamline design would take less than a boxy pickup truck. The rolling resistance of tires also causes the engine to work, so tire design and inflation play a role also.

    Source(s): Engineer but mostly educated guessing
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