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Rate my Fantasy Football Team pls?

I was lucky enough to get the first pick in my draft, and my team ended up like this:

QB: M.Hasselbeck, P.Rivers

WR: B.Edwards, S.Holmes, L.Evans, S.Moss, N.Burleson

RB: L.Tomlinson, M.Jones-Drew, S.Young

TE: J.Witten, L.J.Smith

K: R.Bironas

DEF: Packers, Eagles

The scoring system is the standard yahoo one - what changes/improvements should I look at making? Thanks!


Just a quick note - this is in a 10 team league

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    I'd probably drop your 2nd DEF because you can always pick one up on Waiver, I'd watch out for your QBs because Hasselbeck is hurt and Rivers had knee surgery during the off-season. I like your WRs and Jason Witten. If your going to make trades, just wait until a couple weeks into the season because you might regret some moves you make before the season starts.

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    ur #1s are strong. Hasselbeck has been nursing a bad back and his WRs have been hurting to, so I'd watch him-that said I like him almost every yr.

    I'd try to find a stronger 3rd RB and WR, but that depends on how deep your league is(8, 10, 12 team). You should be alright for the most part.

    Good luck.

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    Not a lot of teams in your league. I'd be hesitant to mess with much right now. Maybe replace S. Young with another RB.

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    lineup looks solid. But i'd probably drop one of the def its just a watsed space having 2 def and pick up another rb. Otherwise its a really good lineup.

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