IF tackle football were an olympic sport? who would dominate? who will advance? who will go home?

Here's the bracket..... please think of the scores for each phase of the KO tourney... I know tackle football will never become an olympic game and such i just wanna see what game scores you people throw...DONT Like the Question? DONT ANSWER IT? fill in the scores for each category(16/Quarters/Semis/ Bronze final/gold final) i took the finalists from the 2007 IFAF top 30 world rankings!

the asterisk defines the nation is a heavy contender and potential favorite, Uruguay somehow is not too shabby! (If USA wins the Gold gimme an MVP, either an NCAA star or NFL star)

PLEASE MARK THE SCORES!!!!! and dont exaggerate!!

Round of 16:

*Finland v. *United States

*Mexico v. *Canada

Sweden v. *Germany

*Russia v. China*

*Japan v. Austrailia*

*Italy v. Spain

Uruguay v. Netherlands*

*Austria v. France*

Quarter Finals: (FILL IN THE BLANKS)


Bronze final(Fill in the blank) who places fourth in this match?

Gold Medal Final(fill in the blank, if USA wins gimme the MVP)




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  • 1 decade ago
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    gold- usa mvp adrian peterson



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  • 1 decade ago

    Gold - USA

    Silver - Canada

    Bronze - France

    Whats the point of this? It is obvious USA will dominate tackle football. At least guarantee gold for 5-8 Olympics in a row.

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