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Krishna Janmashtami 2008?

I'm kind of confused. I live in the United States and I don't understand what date Krishna Janmastami is on. A lot of websites say it's on the 24th of August but someone else told me it was on the 25th. Wasn't he born at midnight? In that case which day is ACTUALLY his birthday...the day that we're supposed to celebrate on?


It's Krishna's Birthday...if you dont understand.

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    I live in the United States too and I was told that it was on the 23rd.

    But after watching Indian tv via dish (aaj tak, sahara samay, etc) they say it's on the 24th.

    Because we base our holidays off the position of the moon, it's not very clear what the exact date is until you get close enough to that day. (which is why there are usually quick changes like today)

    One temple in my area has changed its program for tomorrow night while another is keeping its program for tonight.

    Even though he was born at midnight, we celebrate it before his "technical" birthday. Meaning, even though its technically the 25th at midnight, Janmashtami is on the 24th.


    I hope I helped and happy janmashtami!

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    But the movement of the sun and the moon is different in different places.

    Sun rises before in India and later in U.S.A. and therefore, when the sun has set in India on 24th, the sun sets in U.S.A. on 25th.

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