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Can i buy the movie "chasing october" anywhere besides online?

i want to buy this movie but not online

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    The website below has that dvd

    Price: $ 24.95

    Running Time: 89 minutes

    "Chasing October: a fan's crusade" is a docu-comedy that chronicles one fan's crusade to take the Chicago Cubs to the World Series "by any means necessary." Director Liston quits his job, gets all access to his favorite team, and rallies a city. Perhaps no other fan in the history of sports has gone to such an extreme. See Liston as he helps facilitate a trade, attempts to get a $20 million dollar loan to help team payroll, and takes being a fan to a whole new level. This film is a hilarious must-see for all sports fans and for anyone who has ever chased a dream.

    The film features appearances by such celebrities as Bernie Mac, Gary Sinise, Joe Mantegna, Jeff Garlin, and Larry King. It also includes such sports legends as Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, and Mike Ditka.

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    It is also available at Wrigleyville Sports, right by Wrigley Field.

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    if you are interester for this movie i have copy and price 10$ with shipping


  • Try a movie store. If they don't have it they can order it for you.

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