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does ace hardware sponser skaters?

1 of my friends said he is sponsored by ace hardware and i want 2 know if hes lying or telling the truth

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    Why does it matter? Either the guy can skate or he can't, sponsorship means nothing. Kids seem to think sponsorship is all skateboarding is about these days and it gets old, especially when they aren't delivering on their alleged promise. Sponsorship isn't entirely evil, but it is a compromise that shouldn't be taken lightly and bragged about.

    Since all Ace Hardware stores are independently operated he could very well be "sponsored" by the local franchise, but it seems to me that a local Ace Hardware would have better ways to spend their small marketing budget.

    When I was a kid the local Domino's would give us free pizza when we skated near there. We'd brag to everyone that we were "sponsored" by Dominos. In reality what we had was better than sponsorship - we got free pizza from the former skaters who worked there with no strings attached. Sponsorship doesn't work like that - you get something, but you give up something in return.

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    He is probably lying. If, not then like they said whats the big deal. Ace Hardware? Tell him to let you know when he gets sponsored by Vans or Zoo York ore something crazy like that.

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    ACE Hardware's are franchised. I race for a bike team that is title sponsored by our local ACE hardware. I don't see why he wouldnt be. Does he wear ACE stuff when he skates?

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    Financially ACE isn't doing so well so doubtful.

    This is the cycling section...you know...pedal powered...

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