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free games?!?!?!? looking for legit websites!?

is there a website I can use to download free games for myself?!?!?

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    here are a few I know of for you to download.


    Windows Marketplace: Game Downloads

    Game Maker Games

    Unification Wars Official Website ... Free Online Web Games ... Massive Online Strategy Games (Game Server 0)

    Hikoza'n-CHI X - Games

    Cloud Game

    Caiman free games: Galaxiga by eikon.

    XP Games

    BZFlag - home


    Open Source games for Windows!

    Sharpshooters Miniature Golf and Dead Eye Golf - 2 free golf games

    Tux Racer

    '' - Cubex Digital Entertainment Games

    Blackrat Studios- Home of the Rat

    Astro Battle-Build your Space Ship and Blast your Friends Online

    Download Free Games - Play Over 303 Game Downloads!


    FlightGear Flight Simulator

    Free games: Download over 400 DOS games. Shareware and freeware, reviews, help getting games working!

    DOS Games Archive: download free MS-DOS games ReversiFlex

    GNU Backgammon


    Gratis gaming: real PC games you can download for free - CNET reviews

    [ c h r o m i u m B.S.U. ]

    hope that helps and have fun.

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    Source(s): Most Realistic Flight Sim :
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    i recently found a very nice private cataclism server, and it would be nice if people join me leveling there, my name is haametryn, whisper me ingame please.

    Dragonwrath is fully working, Dragonsoul is fully scripted, End time is fully scripted, Rated Battleground are working, Archeology fully working, Baradin hold fully working, Goblin and Worgen Starting quests are working pervect, Firelands is working every Boss is scripted. nice and Helpful Staff, for more information please goto

    they have variouse WOTLK realms : instant level 80 PVP realm, 2x rate realm, LVL 255 fun realm with custom items, and a 10x rate realm with custom items.

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