can i legally bring cigars to the U.S. from the dominican republic ?

My father in law wants us to bring him some cigars back from the dominican republic but I didnt know if it is against the law. I might also want to bring some alcohol and coffee.Has anyone done this before that can help?

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    Tobacco - A $400 duty-free (KEY WORD IS DUTY FREE, NOT what you bring back in total- you will just have to pay tax on excess)exemption may include up to 200 cigarettes and up to 100 cigars -- more than that and you'll have to pay duty on them, even if you haven't gone over your total exemption. (You may also have to pay state or local taxes on tobacco products.)

    New federal laws say that you may not bring back cigarettes that you purchased in another country if they were manufactured in the United States for export purposes. That definition includes most cigarettes you would find sold in stores; an exception (a rare one) might be cigarettes someone purchased in the United States, took to another country and tried to sell. You'll know the difference because cigarettes made for export purposes don't generally bear the Surgeon General's Warning label or tobacco seal; cigarettes purchased in the U.S. must have these stamps.

    If they are of Cuban origin which there is now a 100% zero acceptance into the US, as compared to the old rule of $100 or less and for personal use only

    Merchandise from Embargoed Countries

    Generally, you may not bring in any goods from the following (if not followed by an asterisk or where specified that the embargo only applies to diamonds): Cuba, Iran*, Iraq*, Serbia and Montenegro*, North Korea*, Burma (Myanmar), Angola, Liberia and Sierra Leone (diamonds only) and Sudan. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury enforces this ban.

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    The Dominican Republic is a large cigar producing country, but due to the fact that most are done in a Free Trade Zone, cigars in the DR will be as much, if not more, than you can find in the US - for the exact same ones.

    And as was stated previously, Cuban goods are illegal to bring back - many will be counterfeits anyway.....

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    Well as you can probably already tell by my name I'm Dominican so I've been there and back a bunch of times and every single time I bring back (to the U.S.) quite a bit of alcohol and never had a problem !... I've never bother bringing tobacco cause i dont really care for it.... the biggest problem i see is your age, I'm not sure how flexible they are in Canada but I suggest you find out with someone from canada first before you find yourself in deep s**t.... There a huge amount of canadians that travel to Dominican Republic every year, so it shouldn't be hard to find some local advice ! Good Luck, and have fun !!

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    Yes you can bring them back, including cubans if you take the labels off of them. I forget the limit but you can probably look it up on line. I know it's at least 20 cigars each person. But only buy cigars in cigar shops, not on the beach where everything is fake.

    Rum anejo is great at about $8 for a large bottle. Look for coffee in the small packs for give aways.

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    Legally you may bring 50 cigars to the US, 1 liter of alcohol and coffee is free. Depending where you reserved your hotel, I can help you with the matter of cigars. Be aware there are a lot of copy's !!!!


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    As long as none of the items you are binging in were produced in Cuba it should be fine. There are limits as to how much of each item you can bring into the us. For further info. visit the following website:

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    Im not sure about DR, but i know that you cant leagally take Cuban Cigars back to the US, because the us dosnt assosiate with Comunist Countrys. If DR is Comunist, than the first U.S. Airport will confiscate them. Good luck.

  • I believe only a certain amount can be brought back.

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