How to remove this virus, that changed the folders to .scr file?

It seems pretty pity that in-spite of having a worlds best anti virus in my PC, a Trojan intruded and done the damage. The anti virus is quarantining all the folders in any drive in to a .scr file format.

The virus name it is showing as "Win32/Worm.VB.NPF". I am in a great danger. There are many files, games, movies that are very important to me. But the virus has changed the folder names.

Example like, if one of my folder have a name like "Movies", it is changed "to Movies.scr".

Guys i am looking forward for type any replies. I thank in advance who ever replies this Question.

Please help me soon.

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    It certainly sounds like you have been infected with some kind of malware. Unfortunately, if you find one infection, it is highly likely you have another one. A virus, trojan or worm are all different types of infections/malware and there are some great FREE programs that can help you.

    First, clean up (delete) your cookies, temp files and temporary internet files. I prefer to use Ccleaner (available at to do this, rather than the built-in DISK CLEANUP, as I feel it does a much more thorough job - for example, it will clean out the index files on your next reboot.

    If you want to use Disk Cleanup, you can find it if you:

    - Double-Click on My Computer to open it up

    - RIGHT-click on your C: drive

    - Choose PROPERTIES and then click on the DISK CLEANUP button

    - When done, reboot your computer.

    Delete these files daily or run Ccleaner every day right before you shut your computer down.

    2 - You should also have a good anti-virus program to help protect your computer. AVG FREE is an excellent anti-virus program, which can be downloaded from You might also choose Avast or Avira, both also free programs from

    3 -Since NONE of the anti-spyware/anti-adware programs are 100% accurate in finding and removing spyware, you need at least two programs which you will run one after the other, not at the same time.

    There are three excellent free ones:

    --Spybot, Search and Destroy


    --Spyware Blaster

    All are available FREE from

    You will need to download, install, update (and IMMUNIZE in Spybot) and run them, one at a time. Be careful with the NAME of these programs - there are "look-alikes" with very similar names, that are in fact spyware themselves! Reboot after you install each one!

    After this current infection is cleared up, be sure to run both of the above programs at least once a week if you are on the internet frequently and/or like to download music or files.

    NOTE: Some infections prevent your from downloading the above programs. You may have to use a clean computer to download the programs and copy them to a thumb drive or CD. Then transfer the install files to the infected computer and run.

    --Occasionally you will not be able to run these programs without being in SAFE MODE. To get there, reboot your computer and tap the F8 key, repeatedly until a menu comes up. You want to choose SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING.

    4 -You should also have a good firewall to help protect your computer. Zone Alarm makes a totally free version (watch you don't download the 30-day free trial of the paid version). You can download this from the manufacturer at

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    Scr File Virus

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    Scr Virus

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    recommend trying an on-line "free" version of some AV before buying. anything. I've used Norton, Comodo, AVG, Avast Zone alarm all work reasonably well. None are perfect. Just get one and use one. You may still have problems, but it will be less than if you don't Be very careful of trying to remove a virus that's already on the machine. Some are "stupid" and allow you to take them off others are "smart" and won't let you install the AV unless you do it exactly right. I would research the virus (by name) on the web from another PC and see what comes up. In the mean time, I would disconnect the computer from the internet so it can't send out your personal info. (If that's what the virus try's to do)

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    to fix the scr folder, all you have to do is right click the infected folder and go to property. remove the path and retype the original path to that folder. Apply and now you can enter that folder. make the same named folder and copy all in to it. and done. i only did it to my valued folders and it worked perfect.

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    Try doing a System Restore. Do you remember the day the trojan intruded into your computer? Do a System Restore to the day before that or even a few day before that and all should be well again.

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    Learn how to Remove virus from your computer here:

    Good luck!

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    Is the problem on your main HDD or is it on An external drive? Have you fixed this problem yet?

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