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POLL: Red light cameras...?

Good or bad? I mean, maybe they will make people more aware of the dangers of running red lights....but don't you think that they are unfair? Should they be used for enforcement, or do you think they are there just to create revenues for the city? Perhaps they should put up warning signs that the intersection is being filmed. Wouldn't THAT make the intersection MORE safe instead of preying off unsuspecting motorists "waiting" to take the secret photo?

Just like in some places I've been....some police departments park a patrol car on the side of the road with a dummy in it. Hey, makes people slow down without getting a ticket. THAT'S what good public safety is all about. Curtailing the problem before it happens...not cashing in on by letting people break the law first.

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    Hee hee! I was thinkin' Red Light as in District.........I was all, wtf is a Red light camera?

    As I've said before, I don't drive.....but I have a unnatural hatred for people that don't pay attention to things like crosswalks and traffic signals....putting up a camera isn't gonna help me much after I get run over. But a sign and a camera might help.

    I also think that cellphones should be made so that they won't work from inside a car while the engine is running.

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    Oh yeah! In Chicago we gottem all over the place. I got nabbed once for an intersection I do pass sometimes, but don't remember violating. But months later I got a letter from the city in the mail with a ticket inside; included were 3 photos of my car: a close up of my license plate a shot of the front of my car crossing the pedestrain line; one red light a shot of my entire car flying thru the cross; 3 red lights I could dispute nothing! You know when your busted at the scene because at the moment you cross too late, a bright white light from the cameras blazes the intersection I once saw 3 cars in a row run a red arrow to turn left, you would've thought it was the 4th of July!

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    I hate them, mainly because I got a ticket sent to my house with my picture driving right through a red light. But, it was yellow when I started through.

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    I would think is good.

    to make people aware of their safety and dangers.

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    it is good stops speeding

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