what is a TB test and how do they test you?

What's a TB test and what do they do to test you?

Is it normal to have a positive or negative result?

Does it hurt??? :(

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    TB stands for tuberculosis. I had this test done two months ago so that I could teach in a classroom. They basically pick a spot on your arm, it was my lower arm, and inject a small amount of solution. It makes the skin come up just a little. Don't freak out, it really isn't as bad as it sounds and I usually freak out about these kinds of things. My doctor then circled the area with a pen so she would know where she injected it and I came back two days later. If the swelling goes down, mine did in a matter of a couple hours, it means you are negative for TB and this is good. If not you have tested positive and that could be a problem but it does not necessarily mean you have it. My grandma is a carrier and therefore tests positive, but does not actually have it. It really doesn't hurt much and you only feel it for a couple minutes after. I just looked away and it was done:-) I hope this makes you feel a little better.

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    The conventional TB test is called a PPD. Basically what they do is prick your skin with a needle, and if you've been infected with TB it turns bright red and swells up. They usually do this on your upper arm. In most people it's negative, but they check because TB is a rather infectious disease, and one person who contracts it can spread it to many others.

    It stings a little, but it hurts less than getting a shot.

  • All it is is to see if you have come in contact with Tubercuiosis. I just had one to become a CNA so I can tell you how it felt,

    They give you a shot of some liquid on the inside of your arm 5 inches below your wrist. If doesn't hurt as bad as getting blood taken or the HEP B shot. When they first give it to you it bubbles up I guess. I never saw mine bubble up but the nurse said when she injected the liquid it did. I didn't even notice mine at all. When you get it try not to put much pressure on it and don't mess with it. Mine did nothing at all. If it gets bumpy and red that is bad. You will go back to the doctor in like 3 days for him to look at it. It takes 2 minutes then you're out of there. :D

    If you are a student it costs around 17 dollars.

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    The answers before are good. TB is rare in healthy Americans. If you do test positive they will double check with an x-ray. It is treatable, but the drug therapy takes along time.

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    it is for tuberculosis and they draw blood & it should hurt a little and the results should be negative not positive because that means you have it which is not good.

    Source(s): my mom is a teacher and she has to take a TB test every year
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