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need cheats for.....?

PC game "PainKiller" no links please...

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    Painkiller Cheat List

    Press "~" to access the console.

    PKAMMO: Gives full ammo

    PKPOWER: Gives full ammo and health

    PKWEAPONS: Gives all weapons

    PKGOLD: Gives a lot of gold

    PKKEEPBODIES: Toggles 'bodies will never disappear' on/off

    PKKEEPDECALS: Toggles 'decals will never disappear' on/off

    PKDEMON: Toggles 'demon morph' on/off

    PKWEAKENEMIES: Toggles 'enemies get 1 health point' on/off

    PKALWAYSGIB: Toggles 'excessive gibbage' on/off

    PKGOD: Toggles 'god mode' on/off

    PKHASTE: Toggles 'haste' on/off

    PKWEAPONMODIFIER: Toggles 'weapon modifier mode' on/off

    WEAPONSPECULAR: Toggles 'weapon specular' on/off. Press 1 and 0 to togg

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