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10 points guitarists whats a graphic equalizer?

i dont no what a graic equalizer can some one tell me??????????

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    That is very simple :)

    As a guitarist you know that the guitar's signal quality may vary depending on the space, the place and even the time day/night.

    First an equalizer is a machine that can boost or kill some frequencies, wanted or undesired.

    For example, if you are playing in a huge room (clean guit/or with disto. effect), you'll face a problem of extra wave propagation or feel that some frequencies (wanted tones) are missing or weak, what to do??

    Just use an equalizer to "equalize" your frequencies. Generally equalizers have some standard knows formulas, like W equalizer, V equalizer, i think you saw before the option (karaoke/voice deletion from a song).

    The voice deletion is done through an equalizer, the setting is V, imagine the bands of an equalizer in a form of V, that will eliminate almost all the medium frequencies (from 880Hz to 1.2Kh the value is variable) which holds almost all the voice of the singer and let only the Bass and High frequencies pass to you.

    Now Graphic equalizer. It's so simple, as you know Graphic means some thing visible and controllable.

    An example, Windows/Mac/Linux are Operating systems, they have inner mechanisms but they have a graphic environment so we can control them from that graphic environment.

    Equalizers, are the same. Imagine that i tell you "please, reduce the medium frequencies for me", so what will you do without a graphic interface? you'll go to the 3.5Kh button for example and reduce the volume :)

    Here is a link where you'll find a graphic equalizer picture

    Another detail, Graphic equalizers are not called so only cos of their names, however, there are criteria for other types of equalizers, like Spectrum equalizer, notch equalizer, you may find what's called light equalizer, it's controlled through an old system of light bulb... etc.

    So, to better your signal quality you've to have an equalizer, with bands, the bands are each a representative of a frequency to control independently, to see them, they are in forms of a graph, like the diagram form, but this is a graph (as i previously mentioned the form V, you take the bands ad form a V). there's a small Boss graphic equalizer, however, it's not inclusive to all frequencies and a little bit small, so engineers may not call it graphic equalizer, but just band equalizer.

    Well, the use is multi-domains use, for musicians (electronic/electric instruments mainly) individually before the rack branching. And in almost every field that relies on professional sound work.

    I hope it helps you, that's all what i know about.

    Best of luck.

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    Equalization (or equalisation, EQ) is the process of changing the frequency envelope of a sound in audio processing. In passing through any channel, an audio signal will "spread" from its original qualities. The goal of equalization is to correct, or make equal, the frequency response of a signal.

    The term "equalizer" is often incorrectly applied to audio filters, such as those included on DJ mixing equipment and hi-fi audio components. However, these "equalizers" are typically general all-purpose audio filters, which can be arranged to produce the effect of low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop filters. Such filters are true equalizers only when arranged to reverse the effects of internal circuitry on sound output.

    Here's a pic

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    A graphic equaliser is often fitted on to electro-acoustic guitars, and consists (usually of 3 sliding contols that adjsut the levels of treble, middle and bass. There is a zero point in the middle, then from there you can increase or decrease the amount of tone quality depending on which way you move the slider. Sometimes there is a "presence" control as well.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): Guitarist for over 45 years.
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    It is a series of switches you can use to fine tune your sound. If you push a switch up, that frequency gets louder.

    If you push it down, it gets quieter.

    You can get all sorts of tones using them.

    It is truly an invaluable resource.

    They cost about 40 bucks at the minimum.

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