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Why did Jo & Slade breakup their engagement ?

I watch 'Date My Ex' and Slade seems to still have feelings for Jo.

Does anyone know why they are no longer engaged ?

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    Jo is only what, 25 years old...and Slade is 40ish....she still wants to party and he wants someone to cook, clean and be ready to hop into the sack whenever he wants....


    Here’s how it all went downhill for the two:

    • Blissful opening. Slade says, “We will be together until we’re done.” And yet, with a title like The Break Up, it’s not too surprising that the couple is dunzo 20-minutes into the show.

    • Turmoil begins. Jo voices her unhappiness with a $100,000 wedding budget.

    • Slade belittles Jo. We are introduced to ‘Joisms.’ Definition (helpfully provided by Slade): Certain things that are obvious to the common folk that escape Jo “because she’s from Peru.”

    • The breakup is official. Jo says, “When he walked out, he was done with me and I was done with him.”

    • Moving out. Jo describes the “circle of resentment” they have toward each other. Slade packs Jo’s things, she picks them up. He removes the license plate from the blue Mercedes he purchased for her, she drives off in a huff.

    • Surprise! They make up. Jo cries in Slade’s arms. He takes her on a romance-filled weekend with wine tasting and sex talk.

    • Cosmic signs point to another breakup. Jo meets a psychic who tells her to go to L.A. to pursue her singing career and ditch Slade. Whoops, Slade is sitting right behind her and overhears the whole thing.

    • Jo moves to L.A. Jo & Slade are officially over.

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    There was really no specific reason but their relationship was just not working. Jo was more free spirited and independent and Slade was settled down with two kids of his own. So when they were together Slade expected Jo to be a housewife and Jo was not happy with that. She loved to work and be self sufficient. I think they loved each other but their lifestyles was clashing.

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    because slade was controlling n didnt want joe to do anything but cook n clean n she wasnt having that, which is understandable since shes only 25. she also wanted to work but he didnt want her to so she decided to move to wherever shes at now they broke up and remained friends but you can still see hes still sprung lol!

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    Because Bravo offered them a reality show, and they wanted to try to extend their fifteen minutes of fame- rather than make their relationship work!!

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    because they both were at different points in their lives. she wanted a singing career and partying and he wanted the fanily life. now they just want a t.v. show and the celebrity that goes with it.

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