Advice for Basic Training and AIT?

I just signed papers with the US Army as a 35W [EW/SIG-INT Analyst/Linguist] heading off to Ft. Leonard Wood September 23rd and then to the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey January 5th. I'm getting extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I'm looking for any assistance anyone might be able to offer about the little intricacies and heads up they wish they had had. I know most people say not to volunteer for things but is there any particular reason why? horror stories? Also whats life in monterrey like and how do they choose what language you learn?

oh one last remotely related question... does anyone have any advice for handling education while in active duty? I'd like to try and get my bachelors in political science but I've heard its rather difficult to manage.

I'm a bundle of questions and curiosities, thank you for your help guys!

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    I can only talk about what I know. I went to basic training in Ft Leonard Wood (Ft lost in the woods) Which is home to the MP and 88mic AIT. Dont go AWOL the record right now for going AWOL stands at 29 some minutes before the MP's got um. Very humid and hot and very cold starting in the fall. Your going to be in some cold humid weather! The main thing is this DO WHAT YOUR TOLD its as easy as that. You will be screamed at and smoked for hours but its for a reason even if you were right or did nothing wrong. Never back talk and dont ask questions. If they ask for avolunteerr raise your hand, the sergeants will notice your willing and not lazy ( they wont be as hard on you)Alwaysy push yourself, if you say "you cant" your a dead man. Dont apologize ever! Because if you do you just called your sergeant a "sorry sergeant"! They will give you a small book when you first arrive, memorize every page and dont sell this book or lose it, your life depends on it. When you enter the chow hall never take sweets or treats, the sergeant have them there to tempt you. And one last thing, you will be told to stand in one place sometimes for hours without reason get use to it. Patients will save your life in BCT. Anymore questions just ask!

    Source(s): Two years in the military
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    Follow instructions. Do what you are told. Jump when told to, poop when told to.

    Now, out of Basic and AIT. Life is a bit easier. Schooling is encouraged, and earns you points for promotions. Most bases have (branch) colleges on base. There is also military extension classes that also help with promotions. The key is you have time for a class or two at a time, you will not have the time to go to school full time. Military service has huge demands upon you. Those branch colleges on base are aware of this and make certain allownces, be up front and honest.

    The don't volunteer thing - know what you are getting into First!!!

    Source(s): Retired US Army MP
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