Should Senator Barack Obama provide a legal birth certificate?

it seems so far that Hawaii is supposed to be his birth place but no birth certificate has been shown which displays that state's seal on it.


I don't know if the birth certificate issue has been dealt with because now some lawyer is filling a lawsuit in court about it.

McCain was born in the Panma Canal zone but on a U.S. military base which qualifies as U.S. citizenship. That applies to all the military and his father was in the service then also and both father and mother were U.S. citizens at the time.

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    Philip Berg, a former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania and former chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit iin the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for an injunction preventing Barack Obama from continuing his candidacy because Barack Obama is not a natural born United States Citizen and is therefore prevented by the Constitution of the United States of America from serving as the Presidento fo the United States.

    Barack Obama was born in Kenya when his mother and father traveled to Kenya to visit relatives there.

    His mother later registered his birth in Hawaii when she and his father returned to Hawaii.

    However because Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya, he is not a natural born United States Citizen.

    Also Barack Obama's mother had renounced her United States Citizenship and was therefore not a United States Citizen when Barack Obama was born.

    Barack Obama's father never was a United States Citizen.

    Since neither one of Barack Obama's parents were United States Citizens, Barack Obama could not acquire United States Citizenship through the Citizenship of his parents.

    Also, according to Mr. Berg the Obama campaign has posted two different Certificates of Live Birth on Obama's website.

    Both of those Certificates of Live Birth cannot be the correct certificate.

    Why would the Obama campaign post two different Certificates of Live Birth on his website, unless they know that one or both of them were forgeries?

    Obama's parents apparently tried to register Obama's birth in Hawaii after they returned from Kenya, however that does not meet the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born Citizen of the United States for the purpose of serving as the President of the United States.

    Also if Obama is given the Democratic Nomination the Republicans plan to file suit challenging Obama's Citizenship.

    That will cause absolute chaos.

    Why will Obama not clear this up and request certified copies of his Birth Certificate from Hawaii?

    The answer is because Barack Obama does not have a birth Certificate from the State of Hawaii.

    What Barack Obama has is the Certificate that his parents tried to create by registering him after they returned from Kenya with him.

    that does not meet the Constitution requirement of being a natural born United States Citizen.

    the Obama people have been tryiing to slide past this requirement.

    The result will be chaos if Obama is given the Democratic Nomination.

    The people who try to change the subject by saying that John McCain was born in Panama ignore the fact that John McCain's father was serving in the military in Panama at the time.

    Children born to a parent serving in the Military in a foreign country do meet the requirement of being natural born citizens.

    The issue with McCain is a distractor the Obama people use to change the subject when the issue comes up about Obama's birth in Kenya.

    The Obama people seem to be hoping if they can just change the subject when the question about Obama's birth comes up that this issue will somehow go away.

    The problem about Obama's birth in Kenya will not go away and will cause absolute chaos this fall when the Republicans file suit over this issue if Obama is given the Democratic Nomination.

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    He already has.

    And in my opinion birth shouldn't be a qualification for Presidency, but rather time spent as an American citizen.

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    YES, it is beginning to look like he is not even eligible to run for President.

    He has been ducking and dodging for a long time. His past and unknown associations have started to seep out.

    Place of birth aside - OBAMA IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT.

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    Let's deal with the problems that Bush is leaving us. They'll have to be paid for by you, your children, and grandchildren.

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    Right on, Ernesto!


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    If 11 million illegals can provide one so can he.

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    It's posted on his website...learn to read. McCain was born in Panama, maybe we should be requesting the same thing?

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    Apparently that isn't true. Go figure, he isn't a militant muslim either.

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    You are behind the curve. Been there...done that

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    he already has. Please catch up.

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