Southwest Gas wants to charge me 'another' deposit!! ??

I have had service with them at the same address for about 16yrs. and have never had my gas shut off. But, because I always pay the bill late they want me to pay another deposit, $170.00. I think that's a rip-off!! It's the smallest bill I have and I really don't worry about it too much, so for the last two years or so I really haven't made much effort to pay it 'on time'. But, I do pay it. They never sent me a notice saying that if I continued to be late, then I would have to pay another deposit, only a notice saying that because I was always late I would be required to pay another deposit. After 16yrs of service I owe a $170.00 deposit!! ?? I don't think this is fair and can they really do that anyway??

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes they can do that and if your payment is always late most utility companies will do the same.~

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