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1.汽車座椅枕頭(neck cushion)上的護墊,具有「永不變形」及「透氣的功能」─請問這句要怎麼翻譯成英文?

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    汽車座椅枕頭(neck cushion)上的護墊,具有「永不變形」及「透氣的功能」.

    The pad on the neck cushion is of permanent shape and with ventilative function.

    如果說的是本公司產品, the neck cushion可改為our neck cushion.

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    1.On the car chair pillow(neck cushion) of protect mat, have 「never transform」 and「well ventilated function」

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    1. The neck cushion in the car seat will not change its shape (not distorted easily) and it has ventilation function too.

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    Automotive seat pillows (neck cushion) on the Hudian, has "never deformed" and "the air functions"

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  • 班長
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    透氣的功能 Ventilation function

    永不變形 Never distorts

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