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In the year 2700,there are no humans on Earth. Only a robot named Wall-E is left. He spends every day cleaning and he is very lonely. One day, a robot named Eve arrives on Earth. She does some reserch and then leaves. However, Wall-E has fallen in love with her. He decides to follow her. This

Update 2:

summers, watch Wall-E the robot as the travels across the universe for love in Pixar's animation Wall-E.(瓦力)

Update 3:

特勤沙龍:Zohan is the be is the best the best sold best soldier soldier in the Israeli army. But all that fighting and killing can wear a guy down. So Zohan fakes his own death and moves to New York City. He decides to fulfill his dream of becoming a hairstylist!

Update 4:

Though he has no experience in cutting hair, he finds a job and soon lots of people want Zohan to cut their hair. Unfortunately, his enemies find out about his new life and track him down. Can't an ex-soldier just settle down to cut hair in peace?

Update 5:

Find out in the summer comedy You Don't Mess with the Zohan. 內容是這樣的!拜託了

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